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Our College Motto: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God “- Matthew 6:33 provides the foundation upon which Christian College has grown since it was first established in 1980.
Our College nurtures an atmosphere of care and concern for the growth and well-being of all our students, within a value system derived from the Christian faith.

Our five core values – Faith, Grace, Hope, Love and Truth – underpin the expectations of all interactions within our College.

The Board and staff of Christian College believe that every student reflects the goodness of God’s creation and has intrinsic worth, irrespective of class, colour or creed.

Our students and staff are encouraged to adopt a personal faith in Jesus Christ, and to understand those aspects of faith which Christians hold in common; and to respect the differences in the expression of that common faith. 
The aim at Christian College Geelong is to develop the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional capacity of our students and staff as part of their total character. To foster an appreciation of the wonderful world in which we live, and an understanding of what our students and staff can do to enhance and preserve our world.

Our students and staff are encouraged to recognise that they belong to a world society, and to seek responsibility for contributing to the relief of the less privileged in our global community. 

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