Christian College, Geelong currently employs over 500 staff including teaching staff, faculty assistants, administration staff, bus drivers, grounds and maintenance staff. The residential rural experience for Year 9 at our dairy farm in Scotsburn means that farm staff are also required.

Christian College has developed a fine reputation where staff skills and abilities are valued with many staff continuing to be eligible for long service leave. At the same time the College realizes the benefits brought by young graduates with innovative ideas and youthful enthusiasm for their profession.

Promotion to positions of leadership often occurs from within the existing staff. With six Campuses currently operating, the opportunities to move to positions of responsibility in different Campuses are ongoing. 

Teaching staff vacancies for the following year are advertised locally in the Geelong Advertiser 'Career One', on this College website, the AIS website and in The Melbourne Age 'My Career' online in August each year. Other positions are advertised locally as required.

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Employment Opportunities:

There are no vacant positions at this time.


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