Belmont Junior School

 Belmont Junior School
 Belmont Junior School
 Geelong Primary School
Care and Encouragement

Our Junior School, with its modern, expansive playing fields and bright, stimulating classrooms enjoys a wonderful family atmosphere. We believe that each child is unique, valued and encouraged to reach his or her potential. Parents of our College are very supportive of the programme and highly value the care and encouragement that is shown to their children.

Foundations for Future Learning

The Junior School programme from Prep to Year 4 provides young students with the vital foundations of learning within a nurturing learning environment. Emphasis is placed on the important development of literacy and numeracy skills through a balanced approach. The programme is enriched with six specialist learning areas with teachers who are qualified and experienced in each of these specialist areas. Music, Physical Education, Library, ICT, Japanese and Art studies all enhance the educational experience of students through different ways of learning.

In our Junior School, learning is a journey of discovery about self and the local and global communities we live in. This journey is explored through the many core and specialist curriculum areas as well as co-curricular experiences such as dance, instrumental music, basketball and netball teams, equestrian events, camps and excursions. 

The Doorway into Practical Literacy (DIPL) program has been progressively introduced and has had a positive impact with improved reading, writing and listening skills. It is used in addition to various other literacy based activities already used with success in the classroom.

Character and Values

Woven into the programme is the development of positive character traits and leadership qualities in all our students. Honesty, compassion, perseverance, hard work, empathy, respect for authority and care for others are some of the Christian values that we seek to develop so that our students will be equipped as fine, responsible citizens in future years.


Marion Nott

Head of Campus

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