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Highton Middle SchoolThe Middle School Programme

The Middle School programme is both challenging and varied as we introduce a wide range of studies and encourage students to discover and develop new talents and skills. 

Subject studies include a wide variety of challenges in both academic, practical and creative learning areas. Students seize the opportunity to try new studies and thus consolidate their emerging talents and interests.

Our aim is to constantly motivate students to learn through many and varied teaching strategies and ‘hands-on’ practical experiences.

Great opportunities are given for students to participate in sporting teams, musical ensembles, bands or choirs as well as dance groups and musical productions. Such activities and competition develop students’ confidence in their own abilities and self-esteem as well as the benefits of teamwork and co-operation within a peer group

The Home Teacher

Throughout the Junior years of schooling, the class teacher is the focal point for the student. As students enter the Middle years or the 'beginning of secondary school', they are often faced with changes that may create stressful situations – new teachers, different classes, moving to different rooms and subject equipment to organize. The Homeroom teacher thus becomes a good listener, an encourager and a character role model, as well as the main link in communication between home and school.
Prompt follow-up of any student difficulty or circumstance to ensure a lasting effective solution is vitally important to our staff. With teachers, parents and students working together in partnership, we strive to ensure the best possible learning experiences for your child.

Consistent Guidelines

It is vital that students at this stage of their maturity have structured guidelines and ‘boundaries’ throughout their adolescent years. Encouragement of co-operation, concern for others, individual effort and acceptance of responsibility are integral to the Middle School experience making for a smoother experience than traditional Primary to Secondary school transitions.

The highlight of the Middle School programme is the five weeks live-in farm experience for Year 9 students at our ’Back Creek’ campus at Scotsburn. The challenges are to accept responsibility within a team and a workplace, and to recognize the need for perseverance to achieve success. Gaining independent living skills also makes this an invaluable teenage experience.

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Character Development

In today’s society we recognize how important it is for our students to develop a real understanding of right from wrong, based on the teachings of the Scriptures. In the ways our teachers interact with students, families and their colleagues, they strive to model the Christian values of honesty, integrity, tolerance, respect, commitment and genuine concern for the needs of others. 


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Head of Campus
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