College Fees

Tuition Fees

Christian College is committed to the provision of a fine education at reasonable cost. We aim to make Christian College available to as many families as possible in the Geelong region, who desire a quality education for their children, within a Christian environment .

Over the past years, the costs of providing education has increased substantially, particularly in the areas of salaries, technology and specialist facilities, all of which enhance the students’ learning. Each year the College Board and Executive endeavour to minimize the increase in fees and historically the annual increase has been equal to or less than the Schools equivalent of the CPI index. Included within the general tuition fees are the costs of the Year level Camp (Years Prep to 8) and faculty day excursions at each Year Level.

Sibling discounts are made to assist families with several children at the College. Details are available by contacting the Finance Manager at Central Administration. Sponsored Student Placement positions may also be available for families on limited incomes – further information and application forms are available upon request.

2014 Tuition Fees

Year Level Annual Fee Per Term
Prep $3,776 $944
Year 1 $4,664 $1,166
Year 2 $5,560 $1,390
Year 3 $6,460 $1,615
Year 4 $7,344 $1,836
Year 5 $8,320 $2,080
Year 6 $9,284 $2,321
Year 7 $10,252 $2,563
Year 8 $10,676 $2,669
Year 9 $10,788 $2,697
Year 10 $11,284 $2,821
Year 11 $11,816 $2,954
Year 12 $12,340 $3,085
If a student is to cease attending Christian College written notification is required 10 weeks prior to leaving (excluding holidays) or one term's fees will be charged in lieu of notice. 

Sibling Discounts

2nd Student       $1,228 pa

3rd Student        $1,852 pa

4th Student        $2,656 pa

5th Student        $3,540 pa

In addition to standard tuition fees the following annual charges also apply

Capital Works Levy:

This levy is used for building works across all Campuses to enhance the facilities in classrooms and specialist areas:

$   950 pa for one student
$1,250 pa for two students
$1,450 pa for three or more students

Year 9 Rural Studies Experience

$2,200 per student


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