Enrolment Procedure

Families who are considering enrolment for their son or daughter at Christian College are warmly invited to contact the Campus of your choice to request further information including the printed College Prospectus, and /or the latest College Year Book.


The Campus Receptionist will post out the information and include a copy of the Student Enrolment Application form. This form can also be downloaded here: 

2015 Enrolment Application Form 2015 Enrolment Application Form

A separate Student Enrolment Application Form is required for each student. A $250 fee is required at the time of lodgement. A further $100 Application fee is payable for each additional child enrolled for 2015 and beyond. 

In February of the year prior to enrolment, a Confirmation Fee of $750 will be required to secure your child’s placement. This amount will be credited to your Fee Account upon commencement.

An appointment should then be made at your convenience to speak with the Head of Campus. It is requested that you bring the completed Student Enrolment Application form with you to the interview.


At the interview details of specific College procedures, curricula and student expectations are discussed along with any additional queries about Christian College. A brief tour of the Campus is also included so that families may see the students and staff at work.

If you wish the College to process your application, a non-refundable administration fee of $250 is to be paid.


In February of the year preceding your child’s recorded commencement date, an Enrolment Confirmation Form will be sent to you requesting further student and family information to complete our database records. The required confirmation fee of $750 will be credited to the student’s fee account upon commencement. The confirmation fee is a commitment to acceptance of a place at the College and would not be refundable in the event that the enrolment does not eventuate.

For any students starting in 2014 the confirmation fee will remain at $500.

We are privileged that you have chosen Christian College for your child’s educational journey. We will strive to provide an environment that is motivating, challenging and rewarding, as well as encouraging Christian attitudes, character and values.
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