Expectations of Students

Christian College encourages students to be responsible learners. This includes being accountable for their individual learning and conduct as members of the College community.

As technology is also such a vital part of communication our students are expected and supported to be good digital citizens.

All Christian College students are required to show courtesy and respect to staff, parents, visitors and other students. Students should also show concern and tolerance for each other in the classroom, playground and when travelling on buses.

Students are required to act only in a manner that will bring credit upon themselves, their families and their College.

Students are required to abide by the dress standards of Christian College when wearing the Christian College Uniform – both at school and within the community.

Our students are encouraged to take a positive attitude to learning by being prepared for classwork, punctual to class and diligent in completing home learning tasks on time.

A more detailed description of student expectations is given in the Campus sections of the College Student Organiser distributed to all students at the commencement of the College year.


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