What is included in the College fees?

In order to assist families, Christian College fees include not only school tuition fees and student stationery packs but also the cost of Year level camps and faculty excursions. Additional fees are only charged for services that are optional for families - for example individual Music lessons, bus travel or overseas trips.

Our family is not very religious. How does this affect my child at Christian College?

At all levels of Christian College, students are involved in class Devotions, worship services and Christian Education. Christian values of caring for others, honesty, integrity and respect are modeled by the staff in setting an example of Christian character. Students are also encouraged to support those in our community and overseas who are in need.

Do College Bus routes provide a door to door service?

The College Bus routes are determined annually. Whilst closeness to student's residence is taken into account, it is also important to ensure that all bus travelers leave home or return home at a reasonable time each day.

When are Open Days held at the campuses of Christian College?

For families considering enrolment at Christian College  'Every day is Open Day'. Families are encouraged to contact the Campus Reception of their choice to organise at their convenience a tour of the school with the Head or Deputy Head of Campus whilst normal classes are operating.

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