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Christian College Equestrian Club - Information

The Christian College Equestrian Club offers your child the opportunity to participate in a number of equine events.
All existing and new members are to complete the registration form so that we have a record of students involved
. Please return the completed form with member registration details to the Sports Office at Senior School at your earliest convenience.

Current office holders are listed below. If you have any questions or would like further information regarding specific events, then please contact, the Person in Charge at your campus.    


Office Bearer



Person In Charge




Senior Campus

Linda Westmoreland

0408 397 202

Highton Middle

Alannah Halloran

0438 661 060

Bellarine Campus

Mark Jacobi

5253 2998

Bellarine Vest  Orders Joy Vallance 0420 470 205
Saddle Blanket/Vest Orders Kay Wilson 5241 1577 (W)

The Uniform required for students to wear when competing is a College Equestrian vest, a college winter shirt, tie and college jumper with short boots and a 3838 approved Hard Hat and Pale Jodhpurs. Pale Colours including Fawn, Beige, Banana and Mango are satisfactory

Non-compulsory uniform items include a college saddle blanket, or rider vest.

The saddle blankets are to be navy in colour with white/dark red piping and are available from Horseland Geelong. Embroidery with the approved college logo is available at Promote-It Trophy & Clothing Company.

The rider vests are navy in colour and sold directly through the Equestrian Club, contact Kay Wilson or Joy Vallance with any enquiries.

As event information becomes available dates and entry forms will be emailed to the members who have provided a current email address.

Information regarding events can also be accessed from the Equestrian Association of Australia (Vic Branch).

For information on upcoming events please access the EA website

Or the Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series website at their website address:

Most competitions have an ‘online’ entry system or an individual postal entry system. We do ask that if you do submit an entry for an Interschool Event that you advise Kay Wilson by email, so that accurate records of the students competing representing our College are obtained.

Please click on the link below to download the 2014 Membership Application:

2014-EquestrianMembershipForm 2014-EquestrianMembershipForm


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