Art, Technology & Design

At Christian College we are committed to fostering a life long appreciation and love of the arts. The development of the visual literacy of our students is prioritised, as they grow up in an increasingly complex, visual culture.

 Art,Technology and Design
 Art,Technology and Design
The study of the Arts at Christian College develops the creative talents and skills of students as they express the beauty and order of God’s creation in many different ways. Students are encouraged to engage in a variety of approaches to visual and technological expression. Encouragement of a lasting appreciation and love of the Arts is also important.

At all Christian College campuses, students have the opportunity to engage in a range of challenging art, technology and design subjects including two and three dimensional art, studio arts, visual communication and design, design and technology (wood/textiles), systems engineering (electronics/robotics), media studies, food and technology.

In addition to the core and elective subjects on offer, our students are encouraged to participate in numerous extension activities such as gallery and museum visits, after-school classes and extension programs, intensive weekend courses, school production workshops (costume and set construction/design), community arts projects, exhibitions, competitions and artist in residence programs.

The Annual Christian College Arts Extravaganza in October each year provides a wonderful opportunity for our students from Kindergarten to Year 12 to showcase and perform their work to a wider community audience.

With the development of the Senior Arts/Technology Centre – Villa Paloma - our senior art students have many opportunities to explore new horizons in artistic expression. Christian College is proud of the quality of artwork created by students – with some pieces being accepted into Top Arts as well as other prestigious local exhibitions.



Art,Technology and DesignArt,Technology and DesignArt,Technology and Design

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