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Through effective language communication we gain a better understanding of one another and a tolerance of different cultures and lifestyles. At Christian College the study of L.O.T.E. (Languages other than English) focusses on Japanese and Indonesian.

As well as the advantages of learning to communicate in a second language, the study gives our students a better understanding of the differing attitudes and customs in the neighbouring areas of Asia. Through understanding comes greater opportunities to promote tolerance and peace.

Christian College has a very active exchange program with a Sister School in Wakayama Province, Japan as well as a Twin School Agreement with a prestigious school in Lombok, Indonesia. Visits between the schools are an integral part of the L.O.T.E. programme. Our families have warmly welcomed Indonesian and Japanese students into their homes and provided them with an insight into Australian family life.

Christian College has a fine reputation for excellent results at the Senior level in both Indonesian and Japanese. Many students choose to continue their language studies at tertiary level. Others are using their skills in a variety of vocations such as tour guiding, hospitality and language teaching.

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