Q'ed Gifted Program

'The mind is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled'     Plutarch

Our Ed Q'ed Gifted Programme

Christian College recognizes that the educational needs and abilities of our students are diverse, requiring different teaching and learning approaches and programs designed to maximise each child’s learning capacities. This model of differentiated curriculum and assessment aims to provide educational support, challenge, enrichment and enhancement to every student no matter which area of the achievement sector they are operating within.

The Q’ed Program for gifted and talented students has been developed as an integral part of the Christian College whole school model for teaching and learning. This research based model acknowledges that students identified as gifted and talented require enriching educational challenges which involve complexity of thinking, high level skill development, depth of study, problem based creative and critical thinking problems, inquiry into diverse real world applications and access to the expertise of specialist resources, mentors and institutions.

Why Q'ed?

Q’ed is a unique gifted and talented educational program underpinned by the work of current researchers in the fields of brain based teaching and gifted and talented education such as Dr Mirica Gross, Dr. Eddie Braggett , Dr Joseph Renzulli and Dr Francoys Gagne.

The name Q’ed, encapsulates the program’s very essence and purpose. ‘Q’ reflects the deliberate focus on intelligence, ‘ed’ testifies to the program’s rigorous, educational intention and the acronym ‘Q.e.d’ is an initialism of the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, meaning “what was to be demonstrated’, reflecting the diverse inquiry journey.

What is Q'ed?

The Christian College Geelong Q’ed program has been designed to:

• Identify gifted and talented students and respond to their needs

• Encourage and empower gifted and talented learners to reflect on and improve their learning.

• Enable gifted and talented students to continue their intellectual, social and emotional development in richly challenging, yet supportive, learning context.

Q'ed 1- Years 5 to 7

The Q’ed 1 program gathers a small group of carefully selected gifted and talented students from years 5, 6 and 7 at both Highton and Bellarine, and takes them on a uniquely challenging, educational journey of self-discovery and self empowerment.

Q’ed 1 unfolds once a week in second semester at Q’ed House, Senior Campus. The program concludes late term 4 with a powerful exhibition of the students’ research and discovery. Q’ed 1 student selection starts with teacher, parent and student nomination, and passes through several critical filters to ensure candidates are appropriately positioned to benefit from the program.

‘I loved how it was very different to the way we usually learn in class.’
- Darcy Aylen

‘My Q’ed experience has been AMAZING!’
- Tess O’Neil

‘In Q’ed I discovered how to expand my learning by trying different methods of approaching a problem.’
- James Schwab

Q'ed 2- Years 6 to 8

The Q’ed 2 program continues the Q’ed journey for the existing Q’ed students. The Q’ed 2 program innovatively delivers an extremely vigorous, online learning experience which requires the acquisition of extensive technological skills, ‘cyber-social’ competencies and the development of research based, collaborative innovation. Q’ed 2 is delivered in first semester and concludes with an online exhibition. 

‘Q’ed is not really just something that expands your thinking, it also helps you build up your inner qualities and learn about yourself. I have fun at Q’ed and learn things about myself and the world each time I go. It is a clever program and I think Christian College should continue it.’
- Kara Doig

‘Q’ed has been a great experience, it helps develop teamwork and knowledge. Though sometimes a little stressful it has still been so much fun.’
- Chloe Fantella

‘I like Q’ed because you get to do interesting things that you don’t do in normal classes and make new friends.’
- Nathaneal Chong

Q'ed 3- Years 7 and 8

The Q’ed 3 program concludes the Q’ed journey. Q’ed 3 is a face to face program operating weekly in first semester at Q’ed house, Senior Campus. Q’ed 3 focuses on three features of the postmodern learning and work environment: collaboration, connection (emotional intelligence) and community.

Q’ed 3 students operate as a community board to identify and address an issue facing the future of Geelong. The program concludes with a public presentation of their innovative proposal to an authentic, community board.

Christian College Geelong in designing the Q’ed program for gifted and talented students acknowledges the work of the following people and groups:

Dr Julia Atkin, Educational Consultant

Dr David Sousa, Educational Neuroscientist (USA)

Dr Edward Braggett.

Dr Joseph Renzulli

Dr Francoys Gagne

Professor Guy Claxton, Director of the Centre for Real-

World Learning, University of Winchester, UK.

The Hermann Brain Institute

Kath Murdoch, Educational Consultant

Pam Burton, Educational Consultant

Program inquiries contact: Roselyn Smith | Middle School, Highton | 5241 1899

Our Ed Q'ed Gifted ProgrammeOur Ed Q'ed Gifted ProgrammeOur Ed Q'ed Gifted Programme

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