Sporting Opportunities

Our Ed - Sport OpportunitiesThe Christian College approach to Sport is in line with the College belief that education is concerned with the whole human being, and that every pupil has the capacity to achieve, or even to excel, in some field.

The Christian College Sports Association aims to provide all students with the opportunity to participate in and develop an understanding of the skills, concepts and rules in a wide range of sports.

The major emphasis at the Junior level is the development of fundamental motor skills. Research has found that if students are able to consistently perform the fundamentals, they can confidently and ably play the sport of their choice.
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The Upper Primary level at our Middle Schools continues the development of fundamental skills combined with the introduction to a wider range of sports in a competitive environment. There is an emphasis on maximum participation and enjoyment. As students progress into Secondary levels a greater emphasis is placed on developing competitive and cohesive College representative teams in sports such as Football, Soccer, Netball and Basketball.

At the Senior School enthusiastic participation in House sporting competitions combine with many opportunities for our talented sports men and women to compete at Regional, State and National level.

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