Teaching & Learning

The Christian College educational framework is clearly focussed on three main areas:

Student Character

We encourage and support our students to develop values and attitudes that helps them to live rich and purposeful lives. In this way students are encouraged to think about the purpose that God has for their lives and how by living accordingly they can serve others and help to make a difference in our world.

Students are supported through a well respected pastoral care program at each level of the College to support students through the challenges of life and to encourage them in their Christian faith. 

Building Capacity to Learn

Our College has a well estaOur Ed Teaching Learningblished broad and dynamic curriculum that meets the needs and challenges of each student as well as their diverse interest and talents.

Beyond this the College Teaching and Learning framework aims to engage students through well planned and prepared units and lessons that aim to build each learner. Our students are encouraged to think about learning and to collaboratively engage and take responsibility for their learning as they work alongside their peers and the teaching staff.

An extensive range of learning experiences using the state of the art facilities, visiting experts and field trips beyond the College grounds all enhance the learning opportunities for our students.

Quality Effective Teaching

The most influential person in the life of any learner is the teacher and these professionals are the most valuable resource in our College.

Teachers at Christian College support the culture of learning in our community by engaging in the best practice to ensure that they present the latest teaching strategies and information. High professional expectations and a College wide Teacher Performance Management structure support each of our teachers in reflecting on their effective practice to promote continual improvement.

Working alongside their colleagues in Professional Learning Teams and participating in extensive internal and external professional development our staff have a fine reputation and are much respected in their field of expertise. 

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