The Broad Curriculum

Learning enhancement together with well structured and implemented transition programs thoroughly prepares Christian College students for academic success.

high to middle schoolSolid foundations in literacy and numeracy are laid at the Junior Schools through the Early Years structure. This leads on to the engaging and innovative Middle Schools program where students study core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Christian Education, Physical Education, Health, Information Communication Technology, Music, Sport, Japanese and Indonesian.
In addition students are offered a wide range of elective studies to develop n
ew skills and interests before making choices for their future tertiary studies and careers.

A particular feature of Middle School is the unique elective opportunities offerred to students in Years 5 and 6 which support the transition process into broader experiences from Year 7.

The vital final years at the Senior School provide specialized teaching across all learning areas, supporting success in their choices of VCE studies.

Learning enhancement occurs both through the Q’ed program for gifted and talented students and through differentiated learning within the classroom structure. Over recent years the College curriculum has also been enriched to include aspects related to individual learning styles, thinking skills and diversified learning.

A detailed reporting system and a well established pastoral care program means that teaching staff and College families support each other in ensuring the best education for each student at Christian College.

Our Ed The Broad CurriculumOur Ed The Broad Curriculum

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