Serving the Community

The College philosophy states:

‘Students will be encouraged to recognise that they belong to a world society, and to acknowledge their responsibility to positively contribute to the relief of the less privileged in this global community’.

A Serving CommunityOur community service programs involve students from Prep to Year 12 and encourage our young people to empathise with those less fortunate and more needy than themselves. Giving of ourselves instils in us all a greater love of generosity.

The Project Care outreach program has a different focus each term. We undertake to support with time, effort, involvement and fundraising some local and some global causes including Relay for Life, The Heart Foundation, Guide Dogs Association and East Timor Schools Program.

The visits to Central Australia by groups of Year 10 students studying the ‘Our World – My Responsibility’ elective involve spending time with aboriginal children in the schools and gaining an understanding of some of the problems facing indigenous young people.

Helping out at The Salvation Army’s ‘Project 614’ program to support the homeless and less fortunate on the streets of Melbourne gives Year 11 students studying VCE Religion and Society a rare insight and opportunity for service.

The College support for staff and students of schools in the Viqueque region of East Timor has continued over the past 7 years. The Christian College Community Houses in Viqueque currently provide venues for local community health and education programmes. Senior students and staff are also involved in annual visits as well as work parties.

A Serving CommunityMiss G, Carla, Maddy, Matt working in the ricefieldsA Serving Community

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