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The Christian College uniform, both winter and summer is a formal, traditional uniform manufactured with quality materials. Within the wider community, our students have often been complimented on their appearance whilst in school uniform. The College school uniform and sports uniforms are compulsory and consistent across all Campuses as we encourage students to wear it proudly to represent Christian College.

Uniform Shop

All items of uniform except shoes may be purchased only from the College Uniform Shop located in the West Wing of the Middle School, Highton Campus, adjacent to the staff car parking area.

The Uniform Shop was established to provide a quality uniform for students at reasonable cost to College families. Whilst managed by Mrs Jeannette Casey, many parents volunteer their time once a month to assist in the shop. This enables costs to be kept to a minimum.

Parent Services Uniform ShopThe Uniform Shop is open during term time every Monday from 10am to 6pm. In the January, April and September term vacations the Uniform Shop is also open in the final weeks of vacation. Items may be purchased by cash, cheque or credit card transactions.

A secondhand section operates within the Uniform Shop. Dry cleaned  items in excellent condition may be sold on consignment through the Uniform Shop. A small percentage of the selling price is retained by the Uniform Shop for the provision of this service.

Items may be ordered by phoning Reception at Middle School, Highton. Current prices and size range are listed on the Uniform Price List linked to this webpage.  However, it is advisable to fit students prior to telephone ordering.

Please click on the link below to view our Uniform Price List

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