Christian College Surf Coast Campus

New College Campus Receives Tick of Approval

Parents interested in having their children enrolled in the Foundation Year intake at the Surf Coast Campus in 2017, 
please contact Linda Reid on 52411899 or

Christian College is delighted with the news that the Minister for Planning has re-zoned the old chook farm to ‘Special Use Zone’ for Christian College’s new Surf Coast Campus.

Christian College was established in 1980, operating out of a single campus in Highton, and has grown to six campuses with more than 2,000 students - with classes from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12.

Principal Glen McKeeman said: 

“Christian College has been serving the Surf Coast community for the past 25 years and there are currently 350 students travelling from the Surf Coast region to its Geelong campuses daily”. 

With the Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy, now re-zoning the land to ‘Special Use Zone’ we can now proceed with confidence to start our new Surf Coast Campus.

Principal Glen Mckeeman said:

“This will be a particularly exciting school campus with a focus on renewable energy and sustainability”.

As Cr. McKiterick stated at Council’s February meeting, with 400 new babies born in the area last year, more kindergarten and school places are desperately needed. 

We anticipate that the new school will be operating for the start of 2017, initially with classes for pre-kindergarten to year 7, subsequently expanding to year 9.

Parents interested in having their children enrolled in this Foundation Year intake in 2017, please contact Linda Reid on 52411899 or

Christian College would like to thank the local member, Andrew Katos, Hon. Mr. Guy, and Surf Coast Councillors for their assistance in enabling our new school to finally get underway.

A History of Development so far

The College has approximately 300 students travelling from Torquay/Jan Juc and surrounding areas every day into its campuses in Geelong. Given the predicted growth of Torquay and surrounding districts, it is anticipated ultimate enrolments of 600 students would be achieved at a Torquay campus.

In 2007 Christian College purchased 15.65 hectares of land in the 1km corridor west of Duffields Road, Torquay in March 2007 for $3.6m for the purposes of establishing a new Prep to Year 9 school. This was part of a strategic plan put together more than fifteen years ago.

The purchase of this particular land in Torquay followed years of considering other potential sites around Torquay/Jan Juc, although all were outside the town boundaries. In ongoing dialogue with the Surf Coast Shire, we were continually encouraged to identify a site close to the existing township and in particular the first 1km west of Duffields Road within the Spring Creek corridor.

This was consistent, at the time, with the 1996 Framework Plan for Torquay/Jan Juc which designated the 1km west area as ‘Residential/Possible Long Term’ and the Surf Coast Municipal Strategic Statement which contained a plan referring to the 1km west area as ‘Long Term Growth Corridor’. It was also consistent with the then draft 2007 Structure Plan (subsequently included in the planning scheme in 2010) as well as state planning policies including the Victorian Coastal Strategy 2002 (revised 2008) and the Great Ocean Road Strategy 2004 that refer to Torquay as a regional growth node.

We participated in the council driven process that resulted in the Spring Creek Urban Growth Framework Plan that was subsequently abandoned by the Surf Coast Shire in April 2009. The Shire at this time resolved to commence the ‘Sustainable Futures Plan Torquay Jan Juc 2040’ (2040 project).

Following this, and in consultation with officers and councillors of the Surf Coast Shire, we prepared a Planning Scheme amendment request for a site specific rezoning from the current Farming Zone to a Special Use Zone to facilitate the development of a school. The Surf Coast Shire in July 2010 resolved not to consider our amendment request until such time as the 2040 strategic study was completed. Further, they resolved not to consider any other amendments in the Spring Creek corridor until the 2040 was complete.

This was despite the fact that just prior to this, Amendment C37 was adopted by the Shire and approved by the then Minister of Planning, which implemented the 2007 Torquay Jan Juc Structure Plan into the planning scheme and reaffirmed the 1km corridor west of Duffields Road as ‘Future Urban Growth’.

On 9th May 2011, we wrote to the current Planning Minister requesting his intervention to rezone the first 1km corridor following the Surf Coast Shire’s decision.

The Surf Coast Shire Council met on 27th July 2011 and resolved to remove the first kilometre corridor from their recently completed ‘2040 Sustainable Futures Plan’ and requested a meeting with the Planning Minister to discuss his intervention.

The next day, 28th July 2011, the Planning Minister announced that “... a ministerial amendment is no longer necessary and will not proceed.” This was largely justified on the basis of sufficient supply of land in North Torquay.

Subsequent to these developments, Christian College made another approach to the Surf Coast Shire about a rezoning application for the school site as a stand-alone development but this was also rejected on the basis that the Shire did not want to consider a rezoning request for any land in the Spring Creek corridor until the 2040 study was formally adopted in the planning scheme.

On 24th April 2012, the Shire resolved to seek ministerial authorisation to prepare an amendment to the planning scheme to implement the 2040 strategy including the removal of the Spring Creek Future Urban Growth Area and the movement of the town boundary back to Duffields Road.
Two weeks ago, Christian College Board notified College parents that they have placed before Council, a further application for a “Planning Scheme Amendment” seeking the rezoning of our site from a “Farming Zone” to a “Special Use Zone”. We have also sought opinion from the 2012 Surf Coast Shire Council candidates outlining their position on our application. 
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