New Pathways

Christian College Senior School offers excellent VCE pathways for its student community. In 2014 we aim to extend these pathways in two directions. 

Firstly the introduction of VET (Vocational Education and Training) to complement a student’s VCE subject choices. Secondly we will implement VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning). 

VCAL is an alternative to the VCE and will provide students a more ‘hands on’ and practical program. Students are invited to participate in these pathways by way of application. 

Students will be encouraged to consider their future plans and goals and choose the study that will best suit their needs. Christian College is committed to supporting students through their final years of secondary education and are very proud to offer a balanced range of opportunities including VCE, VCE VET and VCAL.


VCAL is an alternate course of study to the VCE and provides students with a vocational or TAFE pathway.

VCAL includes:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Industry Specific Skills
  • Work Related Skills
  • Personal Development Skills

Christian College VCAL students will still be a part of the community, participating in House Group, Campus Events and Carnivals.

The major difference will be the way their academic program is structured, timetabled and delivered.
VCAL is offered at three levels, Foundation, Intermediate and Senior. Students can work at a level that matches their ability. VCAL is flexible and aims to meet both the interest and learning needs of individual students. As a part of VCAL students are required to undertake a unit of VET. A VCAL student will receive a statement of results and VCAL certificate.



The VCE is the certificate that most Victorian students undertake. On successful completion of VCE a student has the option to pursue a diverse range of opportunities including employment, TAFE and Tertiary options.

A Christian College VCE VET pathway involves students studying a vocational training program as a part of their VCE. This still provides access to full Tertiary admission as well as industry relevant skills and experiences. Students selecting a VCE VET study would undertake 5 VCE studies and one VET study in year 11. In year 12 they would choose 4 VCE studies and the continuation of their VET study. 

VET courses, with the exception of Music, will be offered off site at one of the selected Geelong providers. Students choosing a VCE VET pathway will be equipped with comprehensive and relevant industry skills and experiences combined with the VCE units of study. Overall this provides students with a balanced academic and vocational experience. 

A VCE VET study contributes towards the successful completion of the VCE certificate and in some cases the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank). A VCE student will receive a statement of results and a study score for each study which is used to calculate an ATAR.

The VET Courses on offer for 2014 are:
  • VET Fitness
  • VET Building and Construction
  • VET Music
  • VET Children’s Services
  • VET Community Services
  • VET Allied Health (remedial massage, aged care, therapy etc)
  • VET Allied Health (medical pathway, nursing etc)

To download the New Pathways brochure, please click here.

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