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The central aim at Christian College Geelong is to provide our students with ‘The Learning That Matters’.

Our goal is to help students identify fully with God’s purpose and meaning of their lives – so they can directly contribute to making our world a better place.
At our College, we call this doing ‘good work’ – and along with our five core values of Faith, Grace, Hope, Love and Truth – this provides the foundation for our Vision Statement:

“At the end of their journey at Christian College, our students will be ready to make a positive difference to the lives of others, through ‘good work’ that is excellent, ethical and engaged in local, national and global contexts.”

A successful student at our College is not simply one who gets a good job, and is blessed with wealth and possessions. Nor is a student’s time with us defined by a ‘score’ at the end of their studies. We believe education is a journey of growth, where students transform into not only good learners, but good people. Our College promotes ‘serving’, hoping to inspire students to make life better for other people, not just themselves.

Our students are encouraged to become active participants in their own educational journey, as they are given greater autonomy to learn and a voice to direct where that learning might seek relevance.

We are very proud of our reputation for providing an excellent education, balanced with strong Christian foundations and supported by the highest-quality of pastoral care. The sense of belonging that our students, staff and parents enjoy at our College on a daily basis has created a truly unique educational environment throughout all our campuses and kindergartens.

I warmly encourage you to join our Christian College family, and experience this remarkable journey for yourself.

Glen McKeeman

Principal's Blog

June 2014


High End Learning in Q'ed

Over the past few weeks, I had the joy of witnessing the result of first semester learning of our Q'ed programme for gifted and talented students.

The Q'ed 2 students showcased their ‘Digitopia’- Digital Society to their families, teachers and friends. The presentations of fictitious countries demonstrated the history, culture, values, community structures and systems that the students had created through collaboration in small groups.

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June 2014


Debutantes shine...

Last weekend many of our Year 11 students participated in the annual Debutante Balls across two nights in the beautifully transformed Middle School Sports and Aquatic Centre (SAC). The SAC provided a classy atmosphere fit for an evening of dancing and socialising. Our College ‘Major Events’ team are to be commended for the fabulous transformation of the venue for these events.

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May 2014


Two weeks ago I was invited to attend the Geelong launch of The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal for 2014. The keynote speaker was Major Brendan Nottle who came to share the work of ‘The Salvation Army Melbourne 614’ team. This dedicated group of people work with many marginalised people who are homeless or disadvantaged on the streets of Melbourne. Sadly, Major Nottle shared a most moving story of an 11-year-old homeless boy, which challenged everyone in the room.

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Amazing Opportunities

This week I am accompanying Mrs. Jan Strauch and her Year 10 Our World elective class on their trip to the central desert of the Northern Territory. As I enjoy this incredible experience and share this special time with them visiting outback places such as Uluru, Coober Pedy, Alice Springs and the particular highlight of spending time in the Alcoota School working with the indigenous children, I have been reflecting on the amazing opportunities that our students have at Christian College.

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As a busy and eventful first term approaches a conclusion, there are many wonderful blessings for us to reflect upon and to be thankful for. The collaborative efforts of our students and staff in the teaching and learning program have been outstanding. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to visit many classrooms, camps, sporting events and College events to witness first hand the breadth and depth of the College program.

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The year has commenced at a frantic pace with a range of learning opportunities taking place across the campuses. Already a number of camps have been successfully conducted and I had the pleasure of visiting two of the three Year 7 camps. This provided me with a wonderful opportunity to meet many of the new students who have joined us this year, as well as the pleasure of participating in some of the camp activities.

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Welcome to the new academic year


Welcome to the new academic year. 2014 is shaping up to be a significant one for our College as we introduce a range of initiatives as part of our focus on continuous improvement.

This year we have commenced with the highest enrolments in our history. The interest in our wonderful community has been a true testimony to the combined effort of our staff, students and families to create the best possible learning environment and opportunities for our students.

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Over the past two weeks I have had the great joy and privilege to attend and experience the range of end of year celebrations throughout our College. Commencing with the Year 12 Graduation and flowing onto each of the Campus Presentation evenings, has provided me, and I believe everyone in attendance, the blessing of seeing what an amazing experience our students have as a result of attending Christian College.

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Farewell Class of 2013


Last week we said farewell to the Class of 2013 as they now prepare for their upcoming VCE Exams. In recent years the creation of a celebration theme, rather than the ‘muck up day’ conclusion has been a most positive cultural change for our College.

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Christian College Annual Music Evening


Last week's Annual Music Evening, enjoyed by the ‘sell-out’ audience at Costa Hall, was an outstanding success. The program featured performances by a range of ensembles, choirs, stage and concert bands from all campuses and levels of the extensive College Music Program.

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Appreciating our outstanding teachers


I have taken many opportunities to share the importance of the role that teachers play in the education of students. There is a great deal of research and data to support this notion.

The College educational strategic plan emphasises this as one of our three main focuses-

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Enriching lives at the Alcoota School in Central Australia

I am currently in Central Australia accompanying the Year 10 'Our World' trip to Alcoota.

This is my 7th trip to the Engawala Community to participate in the activities of the Alcoota school.

We set off by bus and traveled through the vast outback terrain to Yulara via Coober Pedy and Port Augusta. This gives the students an appreciation of the size and remoteness of this amazing part of our country.

Time spent on the bus along the highway allows time for the group to bond in readiness for when we arrive at the school.

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Q'ed Program


Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the Q’ed House at Senior School to witness the students engaged in this year’s Q’ed 1 program.
I was delighted to see the high level of engagement and excitement as the students enthusiastically participated in the fast paced, highly varied and extremely powerful learning experiences.

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Casey Tutungi, August 2013


Our College community was both shocked and saddened to learn of the tragic accident involving former student Casey Tutungi (graduated 2003) whilst playing football. This accident has resulted in Casey being diagnosed with quadriplegia.

Since this news it has been incredible to see the broad community support and make such a generous effort to raise funds for Casey and his family.

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Visit from Naga High School, Japan


This is a most significant and exciting week in the life of our College as we welcome our sister school friends from Naga High School in Japan to celebrate the 20 years of friendship and exchange shared between our two schools.

I am delighted that my friend and colleague Mr Yamaguchi, Principal of Naga High School is accompanying this trip, along with the President of the Naga High School International Association to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

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Staff Retreat


Last term concluded with the staff participating in the annual Staff Retreat. This year all teaching and non-teaching staff shared time together with Chris Parker from the National Institute of Christian Education to focus upon what it means to teach and work Christianly. Each year, the Staff Retreat has significant value for us to continue our Christian, professional and personal development.

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Debutante Balls


Last weekend saw the very successful Debutante Balls. These evenings were a wonderful celebration. Each of the Year 11 couples presented were a credit to their families and the College. They presented themselves and danced with confidence and obvious joy.

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A day in the life of our busy College


A lovely day filled with sunshine provided the best weather for our College to shine at the Open Days held at the Belmont Junior School and the Bellarine Campus on Tuesday. The many visitors had the opportunity to see our students and staff at work. A common feature of the feedback that the Heads, Deputy Heads and I consistently received from a large number of the visitors, was how impressed they were by the maturity and calibre of the students at both campuses.

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Senior School House Music


The measure of a community of learning can be observed in the little things that we can take for granted. As I sat in the audience at Costa Hall last Friday for the annual House Music competition, I could only feel great joy at what took place.

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Naplan Testing


Across the nation this week students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 are undergoing Naplan tests. As usual there has been much hype in the media about these. Students at our College complete these snap shot assessments as part of the required regime set out by the Federal Government. They aim to provide a picture of individual students abilities in Writing Conventions, Reading and Numeracy.

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Encouraging Others


Encouragement is one of the most significant and positive qualities in life. Taking time to show love and to encourage others is a powerful gift.
Recently our College campuses each conducted Cross Country events. I had the opportunity to attend the combined Middle and Junior Schools event at the Drysdale Recreation Reserve.

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Wizard of Oz


Our College community was blessed by the incredible efforts of the production team, cast, musicians and everyone involved in "The Wizard of Oz".

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We belong to the most wonderful community. It always is such a pleasure and privilege for me to see our students, staff and families interacting and supporting each other. From the end of last term to the first week of the holidays, I had the opportunity to accompany 30 students, 4 colleagues and a College parent, Dr. Christine Okello, to Indonesia to visit our twin school ‘SMA Negeri 2 Mataram’ on Lombok Island.

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One Hundred for 100


The common theme at each of the Leadership Investiture Services this term has been servant-hood. Throughout the history of our College this aspect of the Christian faith has been central to the project care efforts that have been undertaken.

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The new College year has commenced with a pleasing sense of energy and cohesion. As I have visited each of the campuses, including ‘Villa Paloma’, our Art Technology and Design facility at Senior School and ‘Williams House’ Kindergarten at the Junior School at Belmont, it has been obvious that the students are benefiting from the thorough planning and preparation undertaken by the staff.

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On the eve of the 2013 academic year the College community is making final preparations in readiness for the year ahead.
Whilst our teaching staff and students enjoy a well-earned break the College program is supported by dedicated teams of people equally committed to ensuring that our students gain the best educational opportunities.

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Throughout 2012 our College has shared a focus on ‘excellence’, and as we come to the end of the year it is with much gratitude and praise that I reflect on what has been achieved.

This was evident at each of the Campus Presentation Evenings conducted last week at Costa Hall, at the Senior School Graduation and Presentation Afternoon in recent weeks, as well as the Christmas celebrations held at Williams House, Kindergarten (wearing a red suit and white beard).

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Run Geelong


This morning, Sunday 18th November, along with over 11,000 others, I participated in the 2012 Run Geelong event to support the Childrens’ Ward at The Geelong Hospital.

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‘Alcoota Community’ Visit to Senior School


The ongoing relationships that our College enjoys as part of our connections through the 'Our World' program is something to be extremely thankful for and proud of. These communities in Central Australia, East Timor and Vietnam provide our students with incredible life changing experiences that are difficult to fully comprehend without seeing them first hand.

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Many Reasons to Celebrate


Many Reasons to Celebrate

Graduating class of 2012
Each year the emotional time to farewell our Year 12 students brings mixed feelings to our community. The excitement of completing school contrasts with the sense of sadness as it is time to say ‘goodbye’. And all this, mixed with the final preparation for end of year exams produces an interesting roller coaster ride.

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