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Dealing With Anxiety and Stress

As parents, we often wonder how we can help our children manage the stress in their lives, and when they seem overwhelmed, we wonder at what point do we need to find further help.

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Design Thinking for Learning

At Christian College Geelong, we continue to pursue improvements in our teaching and learning framework for the direct benefit of our students.

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Developing the future of our planet

Geographers have a role to play in helping solve issues that may be too difficult for economic or engineering solutions by themselves.

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Digital Technologies: the future is now!

Whilst we do not know the entirety of what the future holds, our future as a global society is increasingly characterised by a digital existence.

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Extensive Offerings in Prep

The first steps in any journey are among the most important - they can determine the direction, set the pace and instill a sense of purpose and motivation in the traveller as they move ahead.

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Fostering Resilience

Resilience is developed and explored by our students through participation in a variety of work groups, all with clear expectations and achievable outcomes.

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Good Works in the Community: Building Relationships

Jesus walked among the people, sharing, experiencing joy, pain and sorrow. He walked on Earth fully human. He treated everyone he met, regardless of their situation, with dignity, love and compassion.

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Growing as Opposed to Just ‘Coping’ in Year 12

Most parents have felt the anticipation of each SAC and exam, the elation or perhaps occasional disappointment of each result, and the confusion or concern for what lies ahead after school.

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Hawaii Music

The world is our classroom more than ever before; our young people are global citizens more than any other generation before them.

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