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Meeting the Needs of our Youngest Students

Each year, the first few weeks of the new school year stir a range of emotions – not only for the children, but for their families, teachers and even the children’s teachers from previous years.

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Monitoring Seagrass. So what’s the big deal?

There is truly something special about the sea and its impact on us, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

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Nurturing a Culture of Respect

Our College is committed to providing a safe and caring environment which fosters respect for others and does not tolerate bullying and harassment.

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Promoting a Child Safe Culture

Christian College Geelong has a zero tolerance for child abuse and we are committed to acting in our children’s best interests, keeping them safe from harm.

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Q'ed Gifted Program

Q’ed is one such opportunity for learning and development.

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Student Leadership Through Sporting Achievements

The future of the AFL program at Christian College is looking as promising as ever.

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The ‘Middle Years’: What to Expect During Adolescence

It is vital that, as parents and educators, we aim to work together to nurture, engage, challenge and inspire our students during these adolescent years.

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The Benefit of Encouragement

Encouragement brings with it many benefits, as it is the act of giving someone support, confidence and hope – which can in turn lead to accomplishment and success.

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The Eight Elements of Good Collaboration

We want our students to effectively learn about topics and subjects that are important to them, as well as learning the dispositions and real-world skills that will be transportable into their future lives.

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