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The ‘Middle Years’: What to Expect During Adolescence

It is vital that, as parents and educators, we aim to work together to nurture, engage, challenge and inspire our students during these adolescent years.

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The Benefit of Encouragement

Encouragement brings with it many benefits, as it is the act of giving someone support, confidence and hope – which can in turn lead to accomplishment and success.

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The Eight Elements of Good Collaboration

We want our students to effectively learn about topics and subjects that are important to them, as well as learning the dispositions and real-world skills that will be transportable into their future lives.

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Thinking beyond ourselves and our own needs

A strength of our College community is our set of Christian values, which guide loving relationships and attitudes with God, each other and ourselves.

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What is the 'Learning that Matters' for an Adolescent?

Leading a Middle School Campus of over 600 young people as we best prepare to support your child through their middle year's education.

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Year 9 Transformation

The world has advanced in leaps and bounds since the traditional education system largely in use today was developed in Victorian Britain to prepare young people for a new, industrialised world.

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