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Welcome to 2021 at Christian College Geelong

2020 VCE & VCAL Results

Any challenge that 2020 threw at the Christian College Class of 2020 has been met with incredible resilience, grit and a wonderful sense of unity.

Together with their families, our teaching staff and wider College community, I congratulate the fine young people that graduated from our College during such a unique and remarkable year as we celebrate all our Year 12 students in 2020 successfully completing their VCE and VCAL studies.

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2018 VCE & VCAL Results

Christian College Geelong is very proud of the Class of 2018 and celebrates the gifts and talents of all of our students. We congratulate every individual in the graduating Class. They have drawn much from all that Christian College has to offer and from the support of their dedicated teachers, which has translated into excellent VCE and VCAL results.

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2017 VCE Results

Christian College is very proud of the results achieved this year by our Class of 2017. We commend the students and the staff on their good work and dedication to their studies throughout the year.

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October 2017


It was wonderful to return to school at the start of the term after spending some time in the United States as part of an Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) Principal’s Study Tour at the end of last term. The new term greeted us with the sun shining and some warmth in the air and it was evident as the students came to the Commencement Assemblies at each campus that they were walking with a spring in their step, anticipating the opportunities ahead.

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Importance of Quality Family Time

There have been many studies and media reports about the busy nature of family life of our era

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Connecting with MYTERN


Last term we had a visit from the creator of MYTERN, Dr. Jane Foster, to work with the leadership team, as well as a group of students from our Middle Schools. This workshop provided a forum to discuss ways that we can further encourage and support each other to make use of the MYTERN language and explore the benefits of taking responsibility for our own emotions.

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Peter Pan - A Musical Adventure

The biennial College Musical Production is a unique opportunity that involves and connects, students, staff, past colleagues and students from each of our campuses. This year we were enchanted by the adventures of Peter Pan in Neverland. Interestingly our College's first performance of Peter Pan occurred 20 years ago.

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February 2017


A Focus on 'Good Work'

It has been wonderful to see our campuses spring to life with the students returning from the summer break. A common remark I have heard from a number of students and staff is how positive they feel about the opportunities that the new year brings.

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Welcome to 2017

After a wonderful and restful break, we are excited to welcome our staff and students back to Christian College.
Click here to view a welcome message from our College Principal.

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The Future of Learning


At the end of last month, our Vice Principal Mr Scott Elliss and I travelled to Boston in the United States to attend the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Future of Learning Institute conducted by the world-renowned Project Zero Team.

This opportunity was provided by Independent Schools Victoria (ISV). We attended with nine other Principals from independent schools and some of the staff from ISV.

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June 2016


Great students make great schools

I have many reasons to celebrate our students throughout the year - most recently being the Annual Year 11 Debutante Balls, the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal and the Senior School House Music Competition.

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April 2016


Quality students create outstanding school communities
Our College is blessed with remarkable students. They provide the reason that Christian College is so widely respected throughout our community. In recent weeks I have enjoyed the opportunity of seeing our students shine in an array of circumstances.

At the conclusion of first term each Campus marked God's love for us demonstrated through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus. The solemn lead-up to Good Friday is a time for reflection and contemplation. I was delighted to witness the mature and respectful participation of our students at the end of term services. Each service had a strong component of student involvement by leading the worship through role play, prayer and singing.

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March 2016


MYTERN – Taking Emotional Responsibility Now
I am delighted with the positive feedback that I have received as a result of introducing ‘MYTERN’ with our students from Preschool through to Year 4 this year. As a result we look forward to extending this into the Middle School and Senior School in the future.
We are very pleased with the excellent support that many of you provided by attending the information sessions with Dr. Jane Foster last week.

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Welcome - February 2016


It has been a delight to visit each of our Campuses today to attend the Commencement Assemblies to welcome students and to share the excitement surrounding the year ahead. This year 280 new students have commenced at Christian College. I extend a warm welcome to the new students and their families joining our community in 2016 and I look forward to meeting you all throughout the year ahead.

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November 2015


Last weekend, current and past members of the Christian College community gathered at 'The Pier' in Geelong to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Christian College and its provision of quality Christian education throughout our region.

We were joined by members of Federal and State Parliament, prominent members of the Geelong business community, loyal supporters of our College program, as well as parents, past students and staff.

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October 2015


The Annual College Music Evening last week was an occasion of remarkable 'music making'. Each ensemble taking the stage throughout the night performed items to delight the audience at a packed Costa Hall, Deakin University.

The evening was hosted by Head of Strings and Senior Classroom Music Teacher Mr. Ben Castle who captivated the audience with a balance of informative introductions together with anecdotal stories and humour between each item. This certainly added to the overall enjoyment on the night.

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September 2015


Our Shared Journey and Partnership
The learning landscape is one that is ever changing and this brings with it many challenges for our young people. The responsibility of educating our students is a complex one that extends beyond the classroom, College campuses and playgrounds.
The culture and community of any school is the broad spectrum? that we each share in and contribute to in some way.
In recent weeks our College has endeavoured to provide opportunities for us to partner alongside our parents to address a few of the challenges and distractions that our young people encounter.

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August 2015


Our College is currently hosting students and staff from our sister school, Naga High School in Japan. This visit provides our community with the opportunity to welcome our friends and to share educational,
cultural and to develop close and meaningful connections. The 29 students and 3 teachers have so far enjoyed visiting the various campuses, a trip to the Back Creek Farm, as well as other places of interest in our surrounding area.

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Raising Good Kids


I first became a parent back in 1987 and again in 1989, and I remember distinctly the challenge that commenced in raising my two children.

Much of the parenting involved trial and error and I also think some of the methods and practices reflected those of my own parents. I certainly remember using some of the comments that my parents had made to me, such as, "If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all.” I think most of us can identify with doing this at some point.

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June 2015


You may have read the recent media reports questioning the value of education that is provided in Independent Schools. Much has been said about the reported data that has interpreted benchmark results which make negative references to schools in our sector.

Whilst I am committed to seeing our students strive to obtain the very best academic results and to see them achieve high levels of success, I have always reminded them that they are more than the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) that serves one purpose, which is to gain offers to University places.

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May 2015


This week commenced with the major undertaking to capture all students and staff from all campuses, including Williams House Kindergarten and the Back Creek Farm in one photograph.
We were blessed with perfect weather conditions which assisted arrangements and the mood on the day for everyone involved.

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April 28th 2015

At the start of this year I mentioned that 2015 promised to bring a number of highlights during our 35th year anniversary. The last few weeks have certainly provided us with significant occasions to be proud of our College community.

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April 2015


Term 2 has commenced at Christian College Geelong, promising to be filled with a number of wonderful highlights.

ANZAC Commemoration
This week our College wide community will be joining the rest of our nation in commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the Gallipoli landing and our heritage of ANZAC tradition

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March 2015


Off to a Flying Start
It has been a most hectic and highly energetic start to the new academic year. It is incredible how much can be achieved in a short period of time.
Already the College has enjoyed a range of highly successful events that have occurred as part of the first part of the year.
I am most grateful to the students, staff and families that have contributed to and supported the Welcome and Information Evenings, Student Leader’s Induction Services, sporting, music and camp opportunities, classroom activities, fund raising efforts and the many other aspects of the life of our College.

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Encouraging a Growth Mindset


At each of the campus commencement services for students and staff I shared a brief introduction to the work of Stanford University Professor, Carol Dweck regarding ‘mindsets’.

Dr. Dweck is a Professor of Psychology and her studies have revealed the incredibly powerful message that what we believe about our intelligence strongly influences learning outcomes, positively or negatively, depending on our mindset. The studies outline the attributes and outcomes of two mindsets. A ‘Fixed’ and a ‘Growth Mindset’. Each of these mindsets has an impact on the outcome of how an individual faces challenges in their learning, resulting from what they believe their ability to be.

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December 2014


At the end of a week of presentations, end of the year activities, assemblies, celebrations and Kinder visits I am thankful to have the privilege to lead the fine educational program at our College.

It has been a joy to see the fruit of this years’ work throughout classrooms, studios, sporting fields and in a range of places across our region, nation and overseas.

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Christian College Geelong Foundation

On Saturday evening over 300 members of the College community consisting of local dignitaries, College families, staff and a number of past students gathered to support the launch of the Christian College Geelong Foundation.

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Celebrating Learning and the Learners

Term 4 is always busy and many students feel the pressure of expectation and performance surrounding end of year assessments, particularly those in Year 12 completing their VCE examinations.
One of the important cultural changes we are aiming to address within our College culture of learning, is placing greater emphasis on the process of learning and the provision of improvement and more timely feedback for students to build an intrinsic desire within themselves to strive for continuous improvement.

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Rich College Experiences


During the last week I have had the opportunity to participate in three wonderful aspects of the College programme first hand.

Class of 2004, 10 Year Reunion
Each year we have the privilege of gathering past graduates students, 10 years after their graduation. It was a joy to catch up with our past students, having taught and known a number of these young men and women from the beginning of their time at Christian College.

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July 2014


This week I have the privilege of being in Boston, USA attending the ‘Harvard Graduate School of Education - Future of Learning Program’ with 9 other colleagues from other Victorian Independent Schools.

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