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What is Q'ed?

The Christian College Geelong Q’ed program has been designed to:

• Identify gifted and talented students and respond to their needs

• Encourage and empower gifted and talented learners to reflect on and improve their learning.

• Enable gifted and talented students to continue their intellectual, social and emotional development in richly challenging, yet supportive, learning context.

Q'ed 1- Years 5 to 7

The Q’ed 1 program gathers a small group of carefully selected gifted and talented students from years 5, 6 and 7 at both Highton and Bellarine, and takes them on a uniquely challenging, educational journey of self-discovery and self empowerment.

Q’ed 1 unfolds once a week in second semester at Q’ed House, Senior Campus. The program concludes late term 4 with a powerful exhibition of the students’ research and discovery. Q’ed 1 student selection starts with teacher, parent and student nomination, and passes through several critical filters to ensure candidates are appropriately positioned to benefit from the program.

‘I loved how it was very different to the way we usually learn in class.’
- Darcy Aylen

‘My Q’ed experience has been AMAZING!’
- Tess O’Neil

‘In Q’ed I discovered how to expand my learning by trying different methods of approaching a problem.’
- James Schwab

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