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Agents of Change

Schools fulfils many objectives. There are the obvious and reportable necessities such as skills in literacy and numeracy and other curriculum areas. There are the personal and social development skills such as learning to be accountable for decisions and to meet deadlines, which are important too. Then there are the more tenuous and elusive, but no less important objectives such as preparing students for the future – whatever that may look like – and particularly, connecting them to global issues so that they may be truly global citizens. Students at Christian College engage with the wider world in many forms through the primary years and middle years, and the culmination of this is the opportunity to study Global Politics in the VCE and take a field trip to a developing country like Vietnam through the subject we call Our World.

By learning about international co-operation and conflict, globalisation and the issues that face communities such as poverty and development, our students can gain more than an experience when they travel. They begin to develop a truly deep understanding of the way the world works.

The Our World Vietnam class spent two weeks immersed in the diverse, bustling, productive and rapidly changing culture of rural and urban Vietnam at the end of Term 1. They have returned, naturally, with more questions than when they left and with a resolve to contribute positively to the world they live in. They are now sharing their learning with others at assemblies across the Bellarine, Middle and Senior campuses and they are preparing a fundraiser to benefit people who continue to suffer from the use of chemical weapons during the Vietnam War. Please keep an eye out for opportunities to support their fundraising efforts.

We are very grateful to the many people who hosted us in different ways during the trip and we would especially like to thank the following people:

-        Mr Le Thien Thach and Ms. Phan Thi Hanh Nguyen for hosting us at the World Vision Tra Bong Area Development Program and giving us an insight into the challenges of addressing poverty and a view of the wonderful work that World Vision is doing in Vietnam.

-        Mr Thai at the Yen Bang School in Nam Dinh province. We look forward to visiting your school each year, in particular the opportunity for our students to make some Vietnamese friends and enjoy some English lessons.

-        Ms Lien, Ms Tuan and Ms My from the Le Quy Don school in Nam Dinh province. We very much enjoyed meeting you again and sharing some of our culture with your students.

-        Mr Do Dinh Vinh, our guide from GP Travel, Hanoi. We couldn’t possibly make this trip work without you and your astute understanding of what we want our students to experience in Vietnam.

The students on this trip made me proud with their compassion, their intellect and their selfless interest in the world. They want to be more than just participants in the world of work in Australia. They want to be agents of change who contribute to a better future for the world.

David Evans
Outdoor Education Teacher
Senior School - Waurn Ponds



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