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Extensive Offerings in Prep

The first steps in any journey are among the most important – they can determine the direction, set the pace and instill a sense of purpose and motivation in the traveller as they move ahead.

And so it is with children beginning their journey in education. Providing the basic building blocks of learning is a necessity, of course, but beyond that, we at Christian College Geelong believe in taking a whole, rounded approach that stimulates curiosity and imagination and helps spark engagement and inspiration.

The passion and dedication of our staff plays a pivotal role in this, as does the variety of facilities in various creative, developmental and experiential disciplines.

Underpinning this, however, is Christian College Geelong’s commitment to ensuring that a young student’s first experiences at our College as they make their transition from kindergarten are positive.

We see it as important for both child and parent that there is familiarity and continuity in the shift from kinder to Prep – it provides stability and security that offers a strong emotional footing and the ability to start tackling new educational opportunities and challenges with confidence. 

So Christian College Geelong’s learning environments are set up in such a way to make education real, relevant and meaningful, drawing upon children’s interests in ways that allow them to think deeply, construct ideas, take risks and solve problems.

This approach fosters a true interest in learning, one that can be nurtured and maintained over the course of a child’s education.

And we are proud to be able to provide learning environments that support the transition to Christian College by:

  • Reflecting and respecting children’s ideas, interests and backgrounds
  • Providing creative and open-ended experiences
  • Providing opportunities to work alone and alongside each other
  • Promoting a sense of authentic choice
  • Focusing on the development of the ‘whole child’

Art, Technology and Design, which begins at the Prep stage, as well as a Specialist Classroom Music Program designed to give everyone involved an enjoyable and practical musical experience.

Through self-expression, the students gain self-confidence and develop self-discipline, which in turn encourages them to aim for their best and take pride in their achievements.

Exposure to different languages and different cultures is something we consider life-changing, and our Japanese Language Program, which begins in Prep, is one way of opening a student’s mind and heart to new ways of engaging with the ever-expanding diversity of the modern world.

The 21st century is also the age of information, and the Christian College Library’s facilities and staff allows students to acquire the skills to research topics and access information in ways that enhance not only their education but their whole life.

In addition to helping develop the ‘whole child’, lifelong physical activity is an essential part of living a well-balanced life, and our Health, Physical Education and Sport program sets a healthy precedent for students from a young age.

We also believe engagement with the natural world is vitally important for our students, which is why we enable Prep students to participate in our Bush Prep program. By designing projects and discovering unique environmental phenomena once a fortnight, children come to appreciate the great outdoors as a ‘third teacher’ and build a sense of belonging to their local and school community. This in turn grows to provide a sense of self-worth and a place in the world. 

At Christian College Geelong, we take our role as educators seriously, and view it as a privilege and a joy.

Just as important as the shaping of minds, however, is the development and guidance of character, and the programs we have in place to help do so from a student’s early age are valuable tools as they embark upon their educational journey.

Debbie Riddle
Surf Coast Campus Coordinator and Prep Teacher

Ann-Marree Weigl
Head of Junior School - Belmont

Pam McKeeman
Deputy Head of Junior School, Bellarine Campus



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