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Hawaii Music

The world is our classroom more than ever before; our young people are global citizens more than any other generation before them. A country’s boundaries are merely lines on a map to many the only thing that cuts us off from the world is the internet being ‘down’!

For the past 27 years, our College Music Program has had a camping and touring program that has provided generations of college music students with lifelong learning experiences, cherished friendships and fond memories. Our students have performed on local regional stages, interstate in venues such as the Sydney Opera House and internationally across Asia and the USA. As a learning community, it is believed that by providing exceptional experiences we are significantly investing in our next generation of global citizens. By allowing students to experience the world ‘first hand’, they may grow to have a clearer understanding of themselves and their place in the world. A motivating factor is also that we may encourage our students to be ‘hopeful’ people who feel empowered to make a difference in their world.

2018 has already been a big year for the Senior Music Department, as we have had the privilege to take our music to the Pan Pacific Festival in Honolulu, Hawaii. Previous overseas music tours have seen students performing in places such as Disneyland LA, Las Vegas, Beijing and Hong Kong. This year’s tour was a return to Hawaii having participated in the same festival in 2010. While away on tour the students were a credit to the College and their families, as staff we were proud to travel and perform with them. Each of our ensembles won outstanding awards, and the students were excited to perform so well on the international stage. They were challenged in many ways and learned much about themselves, their friends and the world.

As a group, we were humbled by the grace of the local Hawaiian people. As guests we experienced the ‘Aloha way’; this is simply putting others before you and taking your time to be considerate and accommodating. We were blessed to meet others and learn of their culture and life style. We also witnessed poverty and homelessness, a social crisis for the City of Honolulu, with numbers of people living on the streets, many of them having been sent there by the City of New York. It gave us a chance to reflect on how fortunate we are.

The Pacific Basin Festival provided a range of educational and performance experiences for the students and music staff.  Our students enjoyed meeting other likeminded music students from different countries. The Christian College performance groups each had a chance to rehearse and socialise with students from other groups and countries, and as well, to be conducted and work- shopped by expert music practitioners. Our musicians were congratulated and complimented for their skill at these events but as well learned many things to improve their musicianship.

Following the Music Festival activities, our music students enjoyed the sights of Honolulu and its beautiful island. The students hiked Diamond Head (an extinct volcano), toured the famous surf beaches, swam at Waikiki, visited a pineapple plantation and spent Good Friday morning visiting the Pearl Harbour memorial site.

Fiona Gardner
Director of Teaching & Learning - Music



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