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Q'ed Gifted Program

Celebrating and nurturing the diversity of gifts and talents God blesses every child with is one of Christian College’s hallmark endeavours and successes. In 1983, Howard Gardner (a Harvard Professor) controversially redefined intelligence as ‘the capacity to solve problems or to fashion products that are valued in one or more cultural setting’ (Gardner & Hatch, 1989). 

At its inception, Gardner’s theory of ‘Multiple Intelligences’ presented the possibility of seven different intelligences inclusive of the two traditionally recognised intelligences - verbal and computational, around which educational curriculum had long been crafted. While debate continues to surround this theory, Christian College recognises that students learn in different ways, with different aptitudes and appetites. The school day and week abounds with opportunities for development, enrichment and extension in most of Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences. 

Q’ed is one such opportunity for learning and development. It is a uniquely crafted and highly successful Christian College program constructed to cater to the specific learning needs of students with exceptionally high abilities and an aptitude for learning. From its inception in 2011, the Q’ed program has continually grown and developed in response to the latest research in learning and gifted education. In 2017, we have seen further development with the Q’ed program, now operational for select students in Years 5 to 8 at both the Bellarine Campus in Drysdale and the Middle School - Highton. 

The current Q’ed program explores four central concepts:

  1. Growth through weakness – (Collaboration 2017)

  2. Growth through strength – (Individual mentor supported learning)

  3. Playing for innovation

  4. Giving back - growing others through our own growth. 

Students meet in a multi-age group, once a week for three hours during which energy levels run extremely high, and the pace of learning and depth of thinking can feel immeasurable. Empowered with ‘Building Learning Power’ language and growth mindsets, the Q’ed students are provided with opportunities to grapple with new skills for scaffolding their collaborative interactions within high-functioning, competitive environments. An exciting new concept being explored this year is a weekly opportunity to innovate through play. Play Based Learning is very well researched as an exceptionally effective and authentic learning method. This unique time is designed to foster both skill and desire to innovate. Innovation is undoubtedly an indispensable, futures-based competency that our young students, as global citizens will require as they move into an uncertain, ever-changing future.

Another exciting development is the opportunity provided to each Q’ed student this year to grow their passion or area of excellence through the support and guidance of a ‘mentor’. The spectrum of interest and excellence is very broad, and the potential growth in each young person is yet to be determined - but nonetheless extremely exciting and variable. Lastly, throughout all our endeavours, there is a constant reflection and deliberate effort to think about, plan for, and realise ways in which the individual experience of Q’ed can be shared with and benefit others.

Roselyn Smith
Director of Teaching and Learning – Learning Support Services



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