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Christian College Junior Schools – Surf Coast, Bellarine and Belmont Campuses  

2021 Year 3 Learning That Matters (LTM) Scholarships 

Thank you for your interest in this unique opportunity for new students to enrol at Christian College Geelong through our ‘Learning That Matters’ (LTM) scholarship for 2021. 

A young person’s future can be moulded by their experiences today. A quality education creates a pathway that can determine and shape what a child might do, where they may go and equip them to get there. The Year 3 LTM Scholarship at Christian College Geelong can provide your child with an opportunity to further develop their passion for learning and guide them towards a flourishing future. 

LTM Scholarships are offered for students entering Year 3 in 2021, who are outstanding citizens, have a thirst for learning, are curious and keen to make a positive difference in the lives of others, but due to financial circumstances, have been unable to consider or take up an educational opportunity at Christian College Geelong. 

The goal of the LTM Scholarship is to uncover the full breadth of a student’s capabilities and equip them to make a positive difference in the lives of others, whilst actively contributing to the faith and culture of Christian College. This aligns with our Christian faith that calls us to love one another and to serve God through His purpose and meaning for our lives. 

The LTM Scholarships will be awarded to a small number of Year 3 students at each of our Junior School Campuses for the duration of their educational journey at Christian College. 

We ask that families of prospective scholarship applicants complete the Application for Enrolment Form.

Click here to download this form. 

Studentare also requested to submit their own artefact (poster, short video, story, song or creative artwork) that best captures how you or youideas might contribute to making our world a better place for others.  

A copy of the student's most recent school report is also required to be submitted. 

All students and families will be considered according to: 

*Congruence with the core values of Christian College Geelong 

*Conceptual understanding and artefact presentation outlining how to make our world a better place 

*A desire for the student to become immersed in the opportunities provided at Christian College and develop his/her gifts and talents 

The Application must include: 

*Application for Enrolment Form completed by parent or guardian 

*Artefact for presentation, which is the student’s own work  

*Copy of your latest school report (Year 2 Semester 1) 

How to Apply:

1. Download the Application for Enrolment Form and complete all relevant sections.

2. Complete the embedded form below providing a summary of applicant's contact details and click submit.

3. Immediately after submitting the embedded form below, upload the completed Application for Enrolment form, student artefact and copy of the student's most recent school report.

Alternatively, download and complete the Application for Enrolment form and hand-deliver it, together with student artefact and most recent school report, to our Middle School-Highton Campus at 18 Burdekin Drive, Highton.



Selected students and their parents / guardians will be invited to meet with the respective Head of Campus to discuss their application further, as part of the selection process. 

Click here to upload Application For Enrolment Form, student artefact and school report. 

When uploading material, please also complete embedded form below. 


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