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‘Good Work’ in the Modern World

We encourage our students to look around, find an area of need, and actively become involved in helping with that need.

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A Sense of Belonging

One of my fondest memories of the school year so far is standing at the finish line, stop watch in hand, watching the relay events that bring our Track and Field House carnivals to such a dramatic and exciting climax.

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Agents of Change

By learning about international co-operation and conflict, globalisation and the issues that face communities such as poverty and development, our students can gain more than an experience when they travel.

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An Holistic Approach to Developing an Athlete

Providing students with a balance in their weekly educational experience and a breadth of programs, allows Christian College students to remain engaged, enthusiastic and motivated to learn.

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Continuing a Culture of Learning and Collaboration

CCG first formally introduced the concept of Visible Thinking to staff in 2015 after our Principal, Mr Glen McKeeman, attended an Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) study tour to Harvard University and met with members of the Project Zero team.

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Creative Thinking in Art, Technology and Design

Creativity starts from the belief that you can, grows with the accumulation of skills and knowledge and manifests through action to make your idea happen.

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Creativity, an Essential 21st Century Skill

Creativity is a key educational goal and essential 21st century skill.

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Cultivating a Christian Community

Students will experience exposure to new challenges and new expectations will be placed on them. Each day we have the chance to guide, support, lead and shape, the behaviour and development of our young people at Christian College.

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Cultivating Positive International Relations

This year we celebrated our 23rd year of our long standing relationship and successful exchange program with our sister school.

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