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‘Good Work’ in the Modern World

We encourage our students to look around, find an area of need, and actively become involved in helping with that need.

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An Holistic Approach to Developing an Athlete

Providing students with a balance in their weekly educational experience and a breadth of programs, allows Christian College students to remain engaged, enthusiastic and motivated to learn.

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Cultivating a Christian Community

Students will experience exposure to new challenges and new expectations will be placed on them. Each day we have the chance to guide, support, lead and shape, the behaviour and development of our young people at Christian College.

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Dealing With Anxiety and Stress

As parents, we often wonder how we can help our children manage the stress in their lives, and when they seem overwhelmed, we wonder at what point do we need to find further help.

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Design Thinking for Learning

At Christian College Geelong, we continue to pursue improvements in our teaching and learning framework for the direct benefit of our students.

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Fostering Resilience

Resilience is developed and explored by our students through participation in a variety of work groups, all with clear expectations and achievable outcomes.

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Growing as Opposed to Just ‘Coping’ in Year 12

Most parents have felt the anticipation of each SAC and exam, the elation or perhaps occasional disappointment of each result, and the confusion or concern for what lies ahead after school.

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Leading ‘The Learning that Matters’

“At the end of their journey at Christian College, our students will contribute to making a positive difference to human capital through ‘good work’ that is excellent, ethical and engaged in local, national and global contexts.”

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Look Back To Move Forward

There is a traditional Maori proverb – Ka mua, Ka muri – which translates to ‘walking backwards into the future’.

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