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RMB 6578 Midland Highway, Scotsburn 3352
(03) 5341 2051

 The residential ‘Back Creek’ Rural Studies program is a unique experience for Year 9 students. Located near Ballarat, the rural campus is a viable commercial dairy farm of over 900 acres. Students come to the farm for half a term and live as a community, undertaking an important part of our Year 9 program, which focuses upon character development, community living and service in faith and of others.

At the farm, students experience real-life learning through engagement in six work areas. Work teams include: Chefs, Farmers, Milkers, Bacon and Eggers, Homesteading skills and finally the Back Creek Café located down the Highway in Meredith.
The Back Creek Café was established in 2015 to further develop the experiential nature of the Rural Studies program. The Café gives another practical dimension, linking agriculture with hospitality skills in action.

Students are actively involved in farm and café work and learn by experience the importance of co-operation, responsibility, teamwork, patience and compassion as they complete tasks interdependently and master the challenges of independent living away from home. 

Kim Ali
Director 'Back Creek' Scotsburn




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