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Years 5 to 9
18 Burdekin Road, Highton, 3216
(03) 5241 1899

Middle School – Highton is set within the beautiful and historic St Augustine’s building, representing and reflecting the foundational heart of Christian College Geelong. Now home to our Middle School – Highton, this campus caters specifically for students from Year 5 through to Year 9.

As a College, we recognise the profound physical, emotional and intellectual changes associated with adolescence that demand a unique educational program. Our aim in the Middle School, therefore, is to nurture, engage and inspire the students in our care during this period of significant growth.

Our students are encouraged to explore and experience a personal faith in Jesus Christ, while developing their understanding of how our College values – Faith, Grace, Hope, Love and Truth – fit into their daily lives. They are supported to develop a strong sense of compassion for others and a desire to actively contribute to local and global communities.
Focussing on more than just content knowledge, skills and curriculum, our students are encouraged to embrace adaptable learning. Our extensive elective offerings, starting at Year 5, allow students to experience and enjoy more variety and self-direction within their learning program.

Our Middle School is a vibrant place of learning and personal development, has an atmosphere of fun and friendship and is a nurturing and supportive environment catering to the specific needs of adolescents in the 21st century.


Tony Costa
Head of Campus


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