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2017 VCE Results

Christian College is very proud of the academic achievements of the Class of 2017. The College is academically inclusive and celebrates the abilities of all of our students. We congratulate every individual in the graduating Class. They have drawn much from all that Christian College has to offer and from the support of their dedicated teachers, which has translated into excellent VCE results. 

We congratulate the 2017 College Captain, Cameron Chandler (Dux 2017) on an outstanding ATAR of 99.3. 

Christian College is very proud of the results achieved this year by our Class of 2017. We commend the students and the staff on their good work and dedication to their studies throughout the year. The 2017 results continue to reflect the positive impact that our focus on both deeper learning and through providing ‘The Learning That Matters ‘ is having for our students. Whilst these results are extremely pleasing, Christian College is equally proud of the character and calibre of the young people that have completed their educational journey this year. I am in no doubt about them going on to make a positive difference in our world.

Significant ATAR score results include Lily Di Sciascio 97.75, Fletcher Scott 97.30, Charles Taylor 96.95, Alexandra Caldow 96.80 and Lachlan Gawley-Price 96.75.

Highlights include 2 students achieving perfect Study Scores of 50.

• Fletcher Scott for Studio Arts

• Lily Di Sciascio for Media


As well as these individual results Christian College celebrates;

• 14.09% of our students received an ATAR above 90 (compared with 10% Nationally) 

• 29.53% of our students received an ATAR above 80 (compared with 20% Nationally) 

• 83.22% of our students received an ATAR above 50 (compared with 50% Nationally)

This year there were 76 Study Scores of 40 or above and all 164 students successfully completed their VCE (100%) and all 14 of our VCAL students were successful also. VCE (100%).

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