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2020 VCE & VCAL Results

Celebrating a Class Act

Any challenge that 2020 threw at the Christian College Class of 2020 has been met with incredible resilience, grit and a wonderful sense of unity.

Together with their families, our teaching staff and wider College community, I congratulate the fine young people that graduated from our College during such a unique and remarkable year as we celebrate all our Year 12 students in 2020 successfully completing their VCE and VCAL studies.

I particularly highlight the achievements of our 2020 Dux Shaun Altmann with a near perfect score of 99.85, and Ashley Barrett who received an ATAR of 99.55.

Every one of our Year 12 students will be remembered for the incredible capacity they demonstrated to complete their studies under the uncertain and different circumstances that resulted from the conditions created for schools during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The creativity, collaboration, cooperation, critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities that our students have shown make them ready to tackle the next challenge ahead with great confidence, be that joining the work force, further study or creating their own dreams!

We ask God to continue to bless them as they embrace the next phase of their lives, knowing that they are equipped to take on the journey ahead with faith, hope, truth, grace and love to share with others to make a positive difference in our world.

Class of 2020, we are immensely proud of you!

The Stats

This year there were 59 Study Scores of 40 or above and all 186 students successfully completed their VCE (100%) and all VCAL students were successful.

High Achievers

Shaun Altmann - 2020 Dux - 99.85

Having attended Christian College between Years 7 and 12, Shaun says he has gained a good deal of self-confidence during that time and is grateful to have built a close circle of lifelong friends. A keen sportsman, he has represented the College in many of the GISSA sporting teams, as well as playing basketball for the school. He also regards his involvement in Systems Engineering and the opportunities to compete at state, national and international level in robotics competitions, as highlights.  Shaun says undertaking Year 12 in 2020 required a lot of self-discipline, which helped him to become more independent.

Shaun undertook Specialist Maths, Maths Methods, Physics, Software Development, English and Systems Engineering in his VCE studies and to study Mechatronics at university, with a view to a career path involving the creation and invention of robots and new technologies.

Ashley (Ash) Barrett - 99.55

Having attended Christian College for his entire schooling life (K – 12), Ash says the experience has helped him develop great values and standards that will remain with him for the rest of his life. Ash played competitive basketball for the CC Eagles for seven years (Year 3 – Year 10) and was a regular and consistent competitor in House sporting competitions. He said 2020 was nothing like he’d envisaged but gave him an understanding of the independence and resilience that are required for life.

With a lifelong passion for Mathematics, Ash studied every Maths subject available, completing Units 3 and 4 in Further Mathematics in Year 11 (scoring a perfect 50), and undertaking Maths Methods and Specialist Maths in Year 12. He also studied English, Chemistry and Japanese. Ash is intending to complete a double degree at university in Commerce and Property.

Neve Foster - 97.5

Neve attended Christian College between Years 5 and 12. She says what the College offers goes above and beyond academic achievement with its holistic environment where every student is seen as a whole person and supported in their efforts outside the classroom as well as in it. This has allowed her to broaden her experience of the world while at school and learn in ways that aren’t possible from a textbook. Neve has especially enjoyed the time spent in and around the Music Department, and her involvement in College productions. Neve says the 2020 experience was certainly different, but it opened the door for experiences that wouldn’t have been possible during a more typical year.

Neve studied Further Maths, PE, Outdoor and Environmental Studies, English, Health, and Indonesian at VCE and while not certain about what she will do during 2021, she hopes to study something in the realm of global studies or international relations.

Molly England - 97.2

A College Captain in 2020, Molly says attending Christian College between Years 7 and 12 has shaped her Christian character and helped her to make serving others a habit rather than a practice. She loved being heavily involved in the College netball community since Year 7, which has included playing and coaching. Molly also appeared in the College productions of Alice in Wonderland and Annie. She says for her, 2020 was a year that revealed a lot about her identity and the pushing of boundaries.

Molly’s VCE studies consisted of Australian History, Drama, Further Maths, Literature, English Language, and History Revolutions. While she currently has no specific career path in mind, she hopes to study History at university and follow her passions from there.

Aden Diamond - 96.2

Aden describes Christian College as a ‘great fit’ for him. He says spending Years 5 – 12 as a College student allowed him to develop his strengths and follow his interests. Staff were always supportive and encouraging, and the valuable lessons learned have been about the broader aspects of decency, compassion and respect for others. He knows he will always have fond memories of his schooling life. Aden says without a doubt, the study tour to Japan at the end of Year 10 was the standout experience. He also took piano lessons in Middle School, which provided opportunities to play with College bands.

With a long-held aspiration to become an architect, Aden completed Visual Communication Design in Year 11 and undertook English Language, Japanese, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, and Physics in Year 12. While 2020 presented challenges with studying remotely, Aden says there were positives, including saving time travelling to and from school travel. The availability and support of teachers made all the difference and turned around a potentially negative experience. Having been already informed of his success at interview and in the selection task for RMIT’s Architecture course, Aden plans to be studying there in 2021.

Isabella Lawrence - 95.2

Another student who has spent her entire schooling life at Christian College (K – 12), Isabella says having been here for so long, she has learned an enormous amount about inner strength, and respect and will always remember the lessons and advice of the inspirational teachers who she admired the most. Isabella loved being part of the arts community at Christian College, having discovered a love for art in its many forms while at Junior School. She has reveled in the opportunities to explore and refine her talents in Music, Visual Art and writing throughout her Christian College journey. Isabella says that 2020 was an unexpected and somewhat distant experience, but it allowed for some true reflection and strengthening of relationships.

Isabella studied Studio Arts, Global Politics, Revolutions. Literature and Australian History at Year 12 level and while unsure of specific career directions, is drawn towards a Fine Arts course, a degree with a History major or studying Global Politics and International Relations.

Jessie Allen - 94.5

For Jessie, who has been a Christian College student from Prep through to Year 12 in 2020, the commitment of Christian College teachers to helping and encouraging students to do their best is something that stands out. She says she has been shaped to push herself and always work above and beyond requirements. Jessie particularly loved the House culture with its sense of both community and rivalry. While learning online in 2020 wasn’t easy, Jessie says it was a challenging but self-rewarding year that taught her a lot about independence and accountability.

With a passion for science, the human body and how the world works, Jessie’s VCE subjects were Chemistry, Biology, Literature, Mathematical Methods, Physical Education and Health and Human Development (completed in year 11). In 2021, she wants to attend university and study science and health in a medical context.

Ethan Boasman - 92.45

Ethan says his time at Christian College taught him that the most important thing in life is to surround yourself with people who will support you. He says he owes many of his achievements to friends and family that encouraged him to always strive to be the best he can be. As one who has always enjoyed engaging in House activities and participating in the wider College community, Ethan says the isolation of 2020 certainly delivered a glimpse of the unpredictability of life – something he regards as especially useful in the transition to adulthood.

Ethan completed Further Maths, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, Physics, Software Development and English at VCE level and is keen to study a double Bachelor degree in Computer Science/Engineering Networks. He wants to pursue a career as a Network Engineer and ultimately hopes to become a Systems Architect for an international corporation.

Olivia (Livvy) Chadwick - 92

Livvy’s secondary school years were spent at Christian College between 2015 and 2020. In that time, she says discovered things she is now passionate about through a range of opportunities, and teachers who have always encouraged students to explore what they are interested in. She has loved the hands-on learning and opportunities to participate in camps over the years in Outdoor and Environmental Studies. Alongside that subject, Livvy completed VCE studies in Geography, Global Politics, Biology, English and Further Maths. After an unexpected 2020 that brought many changes and the need for adaptation, she says she is so proud of everyone who got through the year.

In 2021 Livvy is studying Marine and Antarctic Science at the University of Tasmania and hopes to eventually start a career in either Environmental Research or Environmental Law.

Abby Robilliard - 93.95

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