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A Day of Celebration and Significance


A Day of Celebration and Significance

On Friday 9 March, 2012 the College celebrated the Service of Dedication of our new Sports and Aquatic Centre at the Highton Middle School. This facility comprising of a gymnasium, indoor heated swimming pools, circuit room, classrooms, offices and change facilities is something that has been dreamed of for many years in the past.

The undertaking by the College Board to build this incredible asset to the Teaching and Learning facilities provided for our students, supported by funding from the Commonwealth Government, is something to be truly thankful for.


The Service of Dedication was attended by a number of dignitaries and community representatives including Mr. Darren Cheeseman MP, Mr. Frank Costa, Mr. Andrew Katos MLA, the acting Mayor of the City of Greater Geelong Councillor Cameron Granger and Councillors Abley and Andrews.

The service was a wonderful celebration of God’s provision. The music, anthem and hymn singing, speeches and prayers involved each dedicated the future use to God’s glory and for the benefit of the College students.

The students from the Middle School had the pleasure to hear about the journey undertaken to reach such a day from Mr. Riddle the College CEO who also thanked and commended the architect and builder Mr. Paul Brewster.  Mr. Frank Costa outlined the importance of Christian College to the wider Geelong community as well as the importance of family values in the character of young people.  Mr. Cheeseman shared how important the facility was to the community and the benefits following the Building Education Revolution for our economy and for employment.


The ceremony was also attended by a number of St. Augustine’s Old Boys who loved returning to see the new facilities and remembering their days when our College site was their home. Stories shared about the boys digging the pool with tins and jars received great interest.

The highlight to me was the exceptional behavior and presentation of the students themselves. Mr. Hines and his staff can feel justifiably proud of the way that there student body represented our College community at this day of significance. It is one I will certainly remember fondly.


2012 Student Leaders Induction

Each of the Campuses has held Induction Services for their leaders. A most pleasing note for me was the emphasis placed upon servant leadership and the encouragement given to these young leaders to set themselves a goal of making a difference throughout the year.

I offer my congratulations to all of those chosen to be leaders this year and especially congratulate this year’s School Captains Ben McCarthy and Alicia McNamara and Vice Captains Sam Liistro and Madelaine Blomfield.  Additionally School Captains have been appointed at the other campuses, Eric Dridan and Jack Bennett  at the Middle School, Highton, Brielle McHenry and James Hodder at the Bellarine Campus and Olivia Richardson and Cooper Rae at the Junior School at Belmont.

I wish these fine young people God’s blessing upon the year ahead and thank them for accepting this challenge to lead.


National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence

Friday 16th March was the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. The Middle School at Highton focussed on this as part of a casual dress and awareness day. I am pleased that each of the campuses takes an active and proactive role to ensure that our students are supported in this regard throughout the year as well as within the classroom programs. We are all aware of the alarming situations where bullying takes place throughout society. Our College community too faces incidents that require us to intervene and take appropriate measures.

The greatest form of action in the fight against bullying is awareness and support. Students have access to websites and quick references to support online, available to them on the student desk top at school. But more importantly they are encouraged to speak with a teacher, parent, chaplain or other adult if they are feeling bullied.


Term one concluded on a most positive note. As we approach the Christian time of Easter, may I encourage each of us to reflect upon the sacrifice and price that our saviour Jesus paid on our behalf and to give thanks for the new life that we are offered.

Thank you

Glen McKeeman

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