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‘Alcoota Community’ Visit to Senior School


‘Alcoota Community’ Visit to Senior School

The ongoing relationships that our College enjoys as part of our connections through the 'Our World' program is something to be extremely thankful for and proud of. These communities in Central Australia, East Timor and Vietnam provide our students with incredible life changing experiences that are difficult to fully comprehend without seeing them first hand.

Six years ago I made the decision to accompany one of the Year 10 trips to Central Australia to see for myself what these trips entailed. This was to be a ‘one off’ visit, but having experienced the program and making a connection with the community of Alcoota in the central desert of the Northern Territory, l have not missed the trip that returns annually to Alcoota since.

Last week Christian College Senior School had the privilege of hosting 10 students, the Elders and two teachers from the Alcoota community. Having these visitors in our school is vitally important to the ongoing relationship that our two communities enjoy - one of trust, respect and mutual understanding. Whilst our students receive great benefit from visiting this remote indigenous school, we also need to appreciate and understand the importance of providing reciprocal visits.

The time shared in the homes of the College families who generously hosted our guests, sessions spent observing our students at work in classrooms at our campuses as well as the friendships that develop out of these visits are invaluable.

Equally for the teaching staff from our two schools there is incredible benefit and appreciation for having this time to share together. After all isn't that what good relationships are all about?

I am extremely thankful to Mrs. Jan Strauch, the members of her Year 10 class and their host families, all students and staff from Christian College who were involved, as well as everyone from the ‘Alcoota Mob’, their Principal Lisa, teacher Tim, elders Kevin and Margaret and, of course, the ‘Alcoota Kids’ for making this visit such a wonderful success.

Glen McKeeman

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