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As a busy and eventful first term approaches a conclusion, there are many wonderful blessings for us to reflect upon and to be thankful for. The collaborative efforts of our students and staff in the teaching and learning program have been outstanding. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to visit many classrooms, camps, sporting events and College events to witness first hand the breadth and depth of the College program.

We can be thankful for the successful introduction of the new devices, the new Vision Learning Program at Year 5 and the wonderful exchange visit from SMA 2 Negeri Mataram students and staff from Lombok in Indonesia. Also for the swimming carnivals, leadership induction services and new staff who have joined us in 2014.  Our application to rezone the College land in Torquay has been approved and is more news to be grateful for. This will allow us to plan and prepare for an anticipated commencement of classes in 2017.

God through his Grace has blessed our community richly through our students, staff and the provision of wonderful learning. He also gives us the opportunity to share in His love through our daily devotions, worship services and in our reflections. As Easter approaches it is important that we keep in mind these blessings and those we have in our lives outside of school. We live in an amazing country, have access to excellent health care, clean water, safe homes and our families, to name just a few. 

Our College encourages our students to think about others, how we might live our lives in service of those less fortunate than ourselves and to be thankful for what we have. As Christians we must always be thankful for God's amazing love, that enables us to experience the Grace and Favour through the death and resurrection of Jesus on the Cross.

John 3:16 (NIV).
"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life".

We have so many blessings for which we offer our thanks to God!

Best wishes for a blessed Easter break and thank you all for contributing to a very successful first term.

Glen McKeeman 

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