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April 2016


Quality students create outstanding school communities
Our College is blessed with remarkable students. They provide the reason that Christian College is so widely respected throughout our community. In recent weeks I have enjoyed the opportunity of seeing our students shine in an array of circumstances.

At the conclusion of first term each Campus marked God's love for us demonstrated through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus. The solemn lead-up to Good Friday is a time for reflection and contemplation. I was delighted to witness the mature and respectful participation of our students at the end of term services. Each service had a strong component of student involvement by leading the worship through role play, prayer and singing.

I saw this again last week as our Campuses paused to mark Anzac Day and specifically reflected upon the 100th anniversary of the battle of The Somme on the Western Front in France. Our students participated with respect and a true sense of appropriate behaviour for such an occasion.


What is the 'big thing' at Christian College?
Earlier this year I was challenged to share what I would consider to be the 'big thing' or most significant aspect that Christian College did well. 

As I wondered about what I might say, many aspects raced through my mind. Would my response be our teaching staff, our Music program, the Outdoor Education and Our World offerings, our Languages other than English program, the extensive Art, Technology and Design opportunities, the recent growth and development of our Teaching and Learning initiatives leading to a 'Thinking Culture'. The list was extensive and I could keep expanding it to include our amazing Early Learning program including 'Bush Kinder' and the experiential learning provided in our Junior Schools, the broad range of elective choices in our Middle Schools and the successful introduction of Building Learning Power or the vast VCE, VET and VCAL pathway opportunities at our Senior School.   The list could go on.


Our Foundation
I firmly believe that the Christian values play a significant role in what makes our College so remarkable and that God is at the centre of all that we do. His word and love are the foundations of Christian College. This frames our teaching, guides our pastoral care and creates the environment that we enjoy and that blesses us each day.

And because of all of this…
…the focus of all of the areas I have mentioned and the purpose and reason that our College exists is to serve and minister God's love to our students. THEY are the 'big thing' or the aspect of our College that I feel marks our success. I say with great confidence, and I hear this from many different people and from different places, that the qualities of a Christian College student are the strongest point of difference that I see above all the other things I know that we do well. After all, isn't this what education is all about? Yes, it is about experiences, opportunities and what the students learn. But as we look to the future of our world, our society and the community we live in, I am convinced that the development of the character and values in our students is what matters above all else.

I am proud that my own children, now adults starting their own families, one a doctor and the other a teacher, had the privilege and opportunity to have a Christian College education and I am equally proud of the thousands of students I have watched go through our College in the past 25 years because of their character qualities and the fine members of society they have become.

Put simply, the 'best thing' about Christian College is the students we have the great honour to teach.

Isn't this the learning and education that matters most?

Glen McKeeman

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