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Rich College Experiences


During the last week I have had the opportunity to participate in three wonderful aspects of the College programme first hand.

Class of 2004, 10 Year Reunion
Each year we have the privilege of gathering past graduates students, 10 years after their graduation. It was a joy to catch up with our past students, having taught and known a number of these young men and women from the beginning of their time at Christian College.

Whilst it was wonderful to hear about the successful careers and personal lives that each had to share, it was also a pleasure to see first hand what fine men and women they had become. This was a blessing to witness on the night as this year within our College, we are forming a ‘School Improvement Tool’ which focuses on the type of student we want to develop within our College programme. I could only observe and praise the quality of the past students as they gathered to reminisce and reflect on their time at Christian College.

The night was MC'ed by 2004 graduate Jonathan Hoevenaars who added colour and enjoyment to the evening. Jon displayed all of the personality and flair that marked his years at our College, that now sees him fulfilling a successful media career. Time was taken to pause during the celebrations to remember fellow graduate Kate Leigh who sadly passed away after graduating. This was a moving tribute.

I had the opportunity to share the vision that the College has to create a Foundation that supports the outreach and service aspects of our community, which was positively received by the alumni.


Friends of the College Foundation
As the College moves to establish a Foundation, it was good to see an enthusiastic gathering of past students, staff and parents in support of this new venture. This group will work together to plan and promote a special Dinner to launch the ‘Christian College Foundation’, on Saturday 8th November, at The Pier in Geelong.

We all have many blessings as a result of our involvement in our College community. This event will be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Christian College's contribution to our region and support the ongoing provision of the quality Christian Education it provides into the future.

Q'ed Field Trip
I thoroughly enjoyed accompanying the students and staff in the Q'ed programme on their field trip to Scienceworks. The students were gathering inspiration and information in their endeavour to answer this year’s ‘Big Question’- ‘What might a flourishing future look like?’
I was delighted to observe the focus on thinking, questioning and genuine investigation as part of the rich process of learning as the students interacted with the displays in the ‘Future Thinking’ exhibition.

The Q'ed Programme is forging the development of exciting initiatives and pedagogy in Teaching and Learning. This day reinforced the affirmation I received whilst I was at Harvard of the need for schools to value the process of learning, authentic engagement and connected learning networks to achieve improved outcomes for students.

I have certainly returned from my time considering the future of learning at Harvard University, to see first hand positive reinforcement for the direction we are taking as well as the quality of the students that graduate.

I remain as passionate and committed to the task at hand as ever.

Glen McKeeman

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