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The year has commenced on a most positive note in many respects.  I have been delighted to observe from the very first day a wonderful sense of purpose, warmth and cohesion across all of our College Campuses.

Already I have had the opportunity to visit lessons in the kindergarten at Williams House, two Year 7 camps at Cave Hill Creek and each of our four Welcome Services conducted over last 2 weeks.

I have also been impressed by the focus and commitment shown by the Senior School students, particularly the large number that are utilizing  the library and the online facilities at the new Senior School building.

Enjoying such a positive start to the year, as well as having the opportunity to meet many of the new students and their families has been a real blessing.

As the Leaders and Prefects have, or are about to be inducted at each of the campuses, it is wonderful to see students provided with the opportunity to develop and share their leadership gifts.  It is pleasing that each of these Leaders have been reminded of their responsibility to not only lead but to serve their community as part of this opportunity.

Glen McKeeman

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