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Celebrating 'Our Brand'


The recent provision of the new multi - purpose facilities at the Highton and Bellarine campuses provide the space to allow whole school assemblies to take place for the first time since the very early years of our College's journey.


Having the physical space and the opportunity to bring all the students at the respective campuses together is an important way that supports and develops the culture of any educational institution.


This term commenced at each campus with an opportunity to join to share whole school assemblies to achieve this very thing. I had the privilege to attend each of these as well as the chance to speak to all the students.


My day commenced meeting with the Senior School students who came to the Middle School Sports and Aquatic Centre at Middle School. This was followed by the whole of Middle School students, Years 5 to 9. I then travelled to the Junior School at Belmont before making my way to the Bellarine campus after lunch.


Whilst each assembly had an individual format and tone, each spent time to acknowledge and celebrate teams, groups or individuals who had achieved success throughout this year. The College Hymn was sung and the assemblies featured music performances by the Senior Stage Band or a brass ensemble.


I took the opportunity to share a message about 'brands', including the features of our College Brand, discussing what it means to be a part of the brand for each of us and our role and responsibility to uphold and promote the College values of Christian faith, truth, trust, hope and love.


I reminded the students of the many ways that they represent the brand, whether it is when they are completing their studies in class, representing the College through artistic, sporting, musical or any other pursuit, or just in the way they speak, wear the uniform and conduct themselves.


From my perspective some of the highlights of these assemblies, apart from the joy of seeing all the students at each campus come together, was the acknowledgement of achievement, time to pray and sing the College hymn, music performances and the opportunity to build pride and culture that celebrates Christian College.


These assemblies will become a tradition at the commencement of each new term in the future, providing further opportunities to build our culture, acknowledge student achievement and to celebrate our brand.


As the very busy final term gets underway, I wish all students well, especially our Year 12 students as they strive to finish the year on a positive note and work to achieve their best.


Glen McKeeman


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