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Christian College Visual and Performing Arts Festival 2011


This year our College combined the collaborative creative efforts of the Visual Arts, Music and Drama programs to create our first annual ‘Visual and Performing Arts Festival’.

Commencing with The Annual College Music Evening, we were thoroughly amazed and entertained by ensemble performances from across the campuses and all year levels.  Performances from Prep students just beginning their music journey, through to the incredible finale performance of the College Senior Symphony Orchestra, clearly showcased the amazing talent of our music program, musicians and the music staff.

Drama performances conducted by students from Years 10 and 11 as part of the festival received rave reviews from appreciative audiences. “Census Night”, was written and performed by the Year 11 Drama class in the new Senior School Chapel, which is proving to be a wonderful performance space.  The Year 10 Drama class performed ‘Stories from Suburban Road ‘, by Alan Becher  at The Potato Shed Theatre in Drysdale.  The creative talent and confidence shown by the students in these performances is wonderful to see.

The Art, Technology and Design Extravaganza held annually at the Senior School’s designated complex ‘Villa Paloma’, is a visual treat each year.  This year was no exception, comprising of colourful work created by students of Williams House Kindergarten through to comprehensive creative efforts of the VCE classes. The exhibited work covered the broad areas offered to students in this subject area including, 2 and 3 Dimensional Art, Textiles, Food and Technology, Media, Product Design and Production (Wood and Textiles), Visual Communication and Design and Systems and Engineering.

Having this depth and range of visual and creative opportunities for our students has an incredible influence on their complete educational experience.

This festival not only provided the many that were fortunate to attend an appreciation of the outstanding work undertaken and performed or produced by our students, it also provided the students themselves with an audience to showcase their gifts and talents.

This festival has proven to be a time of celebration in every respect.

I congratulate and thank the students and staff involved as well as the many that supported and attended these events.

Glen McKeeman


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