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We belong to the most wonderful community. It always is such a pleasure and privilege for me to see our students, staff and families interacting and supporting each other. From the end of last term to the first week of the holidays, I had the opportunity to accompany 30 students, 4 colleagues and a College parent, Dr. Christine Okello, to Indonesia to visit our twin school ‘SMA Negeri 2 Mataram’ on Lombok Island.

I most was impressed with the manner in which the students and adults interacted and supported each other throughout the trip. Whilst at the school in Mataram and especially when staying with host families, it was obvious to see the warmth and depth developed in these relationships. Equally so, the relationship between our schools and nations can only be strengthened and enhanced from these exchanges.
I wish to thank Mrs. Dianne Swann, Ms Jessica Swann, Mr. Nick Ward, Pak Agung Koswara and Dr. Christine Okello for providing outstanding care for the students.
Signing agreement with Principal,
Bapak Hairuddin Achmad 
The term commenced today at each campus once again with a series of Commencement Assemblies. A feature of each was a taster performance from members of the cast from the College Production, ’The Wizard of Oz’. This performance indicates that once again our College community is in for a musical treat. The obvious dedication and commitment to the production through the performance of the students, the musicians, costumes and set designs is a credit for all of the collaborative efforts of the many students, staff and parents who have contributed to the months of preparation.
During the assemblies, the students were also addressed by the School and Vice Captains from Senior School who shared their thoughts on belonging to, and contributing to our community. It is rewarding to hear these young people, the chosen student leaders of our College speak so positively and passionately about their school.

Term 2 has commenced with a wonderful sense of expectation and excitement. 

We are blessed to be a part of such a great community.

Glen McKeeman

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