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Congratulations Class of 2011


The long awaited date for our Year 12 students to receive their VCE Results has arrived. I am delighted to see that so many of our students have obtained ATAR ranking to allow them to pursue their future aspirations.

I wish to congratulate all of our Year 12 students on their excellent results.

All of the 143 students that sat for their final exams have successfully completed their VCE. The Dux of the College for 2011 is Rebekah Hines with an ATAR of 98.85. Other outstanding results were achieved by Jason Allsopp 98.40, Rianni Lancaster 97.60, Andrew Peel 96.85 and Jacob Petkovic 96.60, Chloe Lilkendey 95.30 and Clare Duck 94.60.


Subject highlights

36% of our Year 12 students (excludes Year 11 doing a Year 12 study) received a study score of 40+ in one or more studies. A Study Score of 40 or higher means the student is ranked in the top 8% of the cohort in the state. In 2010 20% of our students received a study score of 40+

These results are a credit to the dedicated efforts of the students, our College teaching staff and the families throughout the years. I congratulate and commend each upon this successful result.

Our College community celebrates the achievements of our Class of 2011. As we progress in developing and implementing a strategic plan for Teaching and Learning I am confident that we will continue to see positive academic outcomes for our students.

Glen McKeeman

Glen McKeeman with Rebekah Hines
Dux of Christian College 2011


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