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Throughout 2012 our College has shared a focus on ‘excellence’, and as we come to the end of the year it is with much gratitude and praise that I reflect on what has been achieved.


This was evident at each of the Campus Presentation Evenings conducted last week at Costa Hall, at the Senior School Graduation and Presentation Afternoon in recent weeks, as well as the Christmas celebrations held at Williams House, Kindergarten (wearing a red suit and white beard).


These occasions provided each of the Campus communities with a time to celebrate the work of the students and staff in Teaching and Learning throughout the year.


I was particularly pleased to acknowledge the quality of the performances prepared by the students, the academic achievements of the students and to take the opportunity to give thanks to God for His provision for us by way of programs and new facilities in 2012.


Stand-out features to me on all of these occasions were the qualities, confidence and warmth demonstrated by the students. I count it a privilege to have the task of presenting awards and graduating certificates to a large number of students across the Campuses. After all, they are the reason our College operates - to make a difference in each of these young people's lives as we seek to provide them with an excellent education within a Christian framework.


To that end I wish to commend the Heads of Campus and all the staff for the dedication, care and compassion shown to our students yet again this year.


This week I am heading off to Japan to join the College Tour group at Naga High School to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of our Sister School friendship exchange. The length of this friendship is unique and remarkable. It is a testament to the commitment of the L.O.T.E Japanese staff and the International Associations of our respective schools that this relationship continues to flourish and benefit students from each school. I particularly wish to acknowledge the dedication and passion shown by our Director of Teaching and Learning - Languages Mrs. Carol Milton Garner for her outstanding contribution to this program.


As this will be my final blog this year I take this opportunity to thank the families for their encouragement and support throughout 2012 and to wish everyone a blessed and happy Christmas and a safe holiday time together.


Glen McKeeman

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