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Encouraging Others


Encouraging others

Encouragement is one of the most significant and positive qualities in life. Taking time to show love and to encourage others is a powerful gift.

Recently our College campuses each conducted Cross Country events. I had the opportunity to attend the combined Middle and Junior Schools event at the Drysdale Recreation Reserve. Students from Years 3 to 9 participated in their respective age groups, running the 3 or 4 km course around McLeod's Waterhole.  As it was a lovely day with the sun shining, I decided that I would take a gentle jog alongside some of the students. I was asked by the Director of Sport, Mr Jonathan Ryan to accompany the Year 5 Boys on their run. As I struggled to keep up with the pack, I found my legs getting heavier and my breathing harder. It must have been quite tempting for the students who were ahead of me and those who we overtaking me to have a laugh or make a smart comment. But not so! Thankfully I received much encouragement as I struggled on. Middle School Chaplain, Mr. Jason Morrison, even ran alongside me for a section of the course. (How symbolic is that!)

Life often mirrors a cross country event, it is a challenge, has many twists and turns as well as ups and downs. As we journey through our daily living it is so important to keep encouraging each other just as our students encouraged me. I know it helped me along when I needed it.

The Bible provides us with many words of encouragement and examples to follow.

Paul  wrote in his letters to the Hebrews,
"And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works."
 Hebrews 10-24.

In  a world that criticises so readily, I am heartened to hear our students encourage others, just as The Bible asks us to do.

Glen McKeeman

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