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The new College year has commenced with a pleasing sense of energy and cohesion. As I have visited each of the campuses, including ‘Villa Paloma’, our Art Technology and Design facility at Senior School and ‘Williams House’ Kindergarten at the Junior School at Belmont, it has been obvious that the students are benefiting from the thorough planning and preparation undertaken by the staff.

I have enjoyed spending time in a number of the classrooms seeing the students focusing on their learning and meeting many of the new students who have joined our community. A major feature of the classrooms has been the exceptional relationships and partnership between students and staff in the learning process.


I warmly welcome all new families to Christian College this year and pray that you all feel at home within the College family.

To that end a number of welcome evenings are planned across the campuses in the coming weeks, the Senior School families, staff and students already gathering for a most successful time together this week.

These evenings are a valuable and important opportunity for families to gather together to hear about plans for the year ahead and to establish a shared commitment to the educational program provided for our students. I strongly encourage families, those who are new to the College as well as those more familiar with our College to make the effort to attend these occasions. They also provide us with a time to share fellowship and seek God's blessing for the year ahead.


There is a great deal of research that supports the importance of parent involvement in the education of students. This year our College will be focusing on the benefits of collaboration. Our staff and students will be encouraging each other in the learning process. Students will be expected to take greater responsibility for their learning and staff will be expecting greater accountability. For this aspect of student learning to succeed we rely on the support and partnership with parents.

To assist parents to understand the learning that students are undergoing and the activities associated within the program, we will be aiming to communicate details of these as well as ways in which parents can support students throughout the year.

I am convinced that students benefit from having parents show interest and support them in their school life and learning.

Our College is blessed with a wonderful sense of family and community. I ask that we foster and support this as together we support our students to do their very best.

It is with much anticipation that I look to the shared investment we have together in the year ahead at Christian College. It is my prayer that God blesses us with exciting collaborative efforts. I encourage you to also pray for our students, staff and wider College community throughout the year.

Glen McKeeman

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