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The year has commenced at a frantic pace with a range of learning opportunities taking place across the campuses. Already a number of camps have been successfully conducted and I had the pleasure of visiting two of the three Year 7 camps. This provided me with a wonderful opportunity to meet many of the new students who have joined us this year, as well as the pleasure of participating in some of the camp activities.

I have enjoyed being able to attend as many of the campus Welcome Evenings also, it was a joy seeing the staff and families taking the time to meet each other to establish good connections for the year ahead.

Congratulations to our Student Leaders
Each of the campuses have inducted their leaders for 2014 and it was once again pleasing to hear each of these groups being challenged to take on a ‘servant focus’ as part of their roles. Drawing on the examples from the Bible and the leaders who focused on others, gave wonderful inspiration to the new leaders who have accepted leadership responsibilities this year.

I particularly wish to thank all of the students who have taken up leadership positions and wish them well for the year ahead.

Building Learning Power
At the end of last year I prepared a submission for our College to be considered for the ‘Building Learning Power’, project that was offered through Independent Schools Victoria. This research and collaboration project forms part of the work being undertaken by The Centre for Real – World Learning and the University of Winchester in the United Kingdom.

I am delighted and excited that this submission was successful and as a result our College teaching and learning program will benefit greatly from having the privilege of working closely with Professor Guy Claxton, who is the Research Director, over the next 3 years. Professor Claxton’s work over 15 years has pioneered the way schools improve the capacity of young people to learn, think deeply and logically, learn independently and collaboratively, show resilience and empathy, and to be creative, innovative and resourceful.

Together with Professor Bill Lucas, Professor Claxton will be working alongside our College staff and leadership team to develop our focus on building learning power for our students.  The project has commenced with the new Vision Learning Team that is implementing the new inquiry based learning model at Year 5 this year. I am grateful to Mr. David Kehler and Mr. Matthew Burgess for taking the key roles on this project as our champions. They have already spent time working with Professor Claxton and we had the great honour of having Professor Claxton visit our Middle School, Highton to see our program in operation and to meet with a number of teachers. Professor Claxton was delighted with what he saw when visiting our classrooms and informed me that he can already see that we have made great progress in introducing this change of culture in learning at our College.

These are very exciting times for us and I feel privileged to be leading our College through this phase of our learning and development. I look forward to sharing further developments as this program continues.

Welcome to our Indonesian Friends
This week we welcomed 16 students and 2 staff from our sister school, SMA Negeri 2 Mataram on the island of Lombok, Indonesia. This exchange visit over 2 weeks provides a marvelous experience for the students from both schools to enjoy cultural, educational and friendship opportunities whilst spending time together.

Our visitors will spend time staying with host families, visit each of our campuses as well a number of local places of interest.

I welcome Siti Nurhaidah and Bambang Indrato and their students and wish them all a memorable and rewarding visit.

Glen McKeeman

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