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February 2017


A Focus on 'Good Work'

It has been wonderful to see our campuses spring to life with the students returning from the summer break. A common remark I have heard from a number of students and staff is how positive they feel about the opportunities that the new year brings.

On the first day of school I had the privilege of visiting all campuses to speak with the students to encourage them in their endeavours for the year ahead.

I shared the concept of having a focus on doing 'good work'. I referenced the work undertaken by the Harvard University Project Zero team led by Principal Investigator Howard Gardner.

The ‘Good Work Project’ encourages a focus on improving the human condition through doing work that is excellent, ethical and engaging. The project looks at how these principles apply to work, play, citizenship and life. 

As this year unfolds I look forward to sharing more of the 'Good Work Project', as I feel it is the perfect fit for our culture of learning. Further, it is encapsulated in our Christian context where we seek to encourage our students and indeed ourselves to live a life focused on having a love of God and in serving others. 

A Very Warm Welcome

This year we welcomed 274 new students from 153 families across all campuses including our new Kindergarten, 'Butterfield House' that has opened on the Surf Coast. We have also welcomed 26 new staff. I warmly welcome you all to our College community. I pray that your involvement and participation in the life of our College is a blessing to you all. I look forward to meeting many of you at welcome events around the campuses in the coming weeks.

Building on Success

The new year commenced with the Senior School publically acknowledging the 2016 Graduates that achieved outstanding VCE results. The 2016 results were our best on record for the second year in a row. The data that indicates this continuous improvement is strong evidence that the focus we are taking to build the capacity of our students to learn, through an emphasis on the process of learning, thinking and seeking deeper understanding.

I wish to congratulate all of the students that completed their studies in 2016 and wish them God's richest blessings for the future.

Here is a summary of the VCE Results from 2016:


Butterfield House 

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the new Early Learning and Day Care facility ‘Butterfield House’ Kindergarten on the Surf Coast. The transformation of the former house to create a most engaging and exciting learning environment is truly a credit to everyone involved in the planning, design and building process. I wish the Director, Bernadette Johnson and her team a most rewarding year filled with wonderful milestones in their foundation year. Please pray for the ‘Butterfield House’ community as they establish a place of learning and growing under God's love and care.

As we look forward to the year together we can be encouraged by the words in the Bible from Matthew's Gospel. 

Matthew 5:16 

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

I pray that our year ahead is one of 'good work', shining the light of God's love in our community.

Glen McKeeman

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