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June 2014


High End Learning in Q'ed

Over the past few weeks, I had the joy of witnessing the result of first semester learning of our Q'ed programme for gifted and talented students.

The Q'ed 2 students showcased their ‘Digitopia’- Digital Society to their families, teachers and friends. The presentations of fictitious countries demonstrated the history, culture, values, community structures and systems that the students had created through collaboration in small groups.

The tasks were completed through an online platform as well as face-to-face workshop sessions. I was impressed with the content and imaginative nature of the idealistic and very worthy communities that were created, but even more excited to see the learning that was evident throughout their journey. It was very important for these students to have digital and face-to-face audiences to appreciate their efforts.

Last week the Q'ed 3 students presented their proposal to give the Geelong economy a boost through manufacturing powdered milk and exporting it to China. The students produced their proposal through working as a whole group operating and in a board format. Each student contributed to specific aspects of the proposal that was presented to myself and some of the Heads of Campus. The depth of thinking, creativity and maturity exhibited by the students in their third year of this exciting programme was testimony to the students and in particular the staff who have planned and created such rich learning experiences for these students.

I look forward to the commencement of the Q'ed 1 programme next term where a new group of students will commence their journey in this rewarding and powerful form of learning.

Much of the theory and practice that is being developed in this programme is influencing new models of learning in our Middle Schools as we present greater inquiry and collaborative learning experiences.

I commend the Q'ed staff and all of the students involved for the incredible work they have undertaken and the powerful learning that is occurring within our College programme.

Glen McKeeman

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